Date: 19th July 2019 at 7:30am
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Looks like the bridges have been well and truly burned.

After all the fuss and feathers that surrounded Pontus Jansson’s move to Brentford, it looks as though the £5.5m man is doing everything in his power to wipe away any good feelings that Leeds fans had left towards him.

Speaking to the media having now settled into his new club, Jansson spoke about the feelings he still had for his former team. Or lack thereof, depending on how you read it.

He said: “It was a lot of emotions but it ended well and I have good relations with the club… I love Leeds but when I play them on the pitch I will hate them.”

It appears as though the Elland Road faithful aren’t quite falling for that last sentiment, with a lot of them taking to Twitter to basically laugh off the idea that the big Swede is this somehow tougher than tough man.

Maybe he was just doing this to show how committed he is to his new club, but he still could have addressed it a different way…

This isn’t the first time that Jansson has said comments to incite the Leeds fanbase. After he first joined Brentford he spoke to the official club channel about how his move came about, with Leeds fans not believing a word he says.

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4 Replies to “‘Boring’, ‘Troubled individual’ – Some Leeds fans grow tired of former player’s antics”

  • There are some harsh critics verbally abusing Pontus for answering questions from journalists which is part of his job as a footballer. Perhaps some of his critics object to his words because he speaks better English than most Yorkshiremen.

    • Very cheap dig. Have an opinion by all means but keep your hate for yourself. Small minded human being. No one really cares what anonymous people leave but in today’s day and age, people mwho hate should be called out.

  • How soon we forget – from his whole family being adopted Yorkshire folk and him a cult hero to Satanic “southerner” in a moment. He answered honestly and his love and commitment for Leeds is clear – but he now has to give his new employers 100%. Best of luck for the future Pontus, your stint has been appreciated and I’m sorry to see you go, but life moves on

  • Leeds fans… right up there with Liverpool fans as completely dillusional thinking they are a big club. You sure liked him enough when he was playing for you just because hes moved on you hate him now. All this does is prove how pathetic Leeds fans really are ba going on about how your the biggest club in the EFL on the only reason people watch it. Hahahaha how everyone enjoyed watching you gloat in November then completely bottle it hahahahaha. Cant wait for you to bottle it next season too.

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