Date: 8th August 2019 at 7:30pm
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Is this really the best that they could come up with?

It looks as if Leeds have got their replacement for Kemar Roofe, and it’s Eddie Nketiah. The 20-year-old signed today on a season-long loan deal.

Forgive me if I’m not as enthusiastic as some of the people on Twitter are about this move. I said it before when he was linked to the club a couple of days ago, and deep down I was hoping that it was all going to be smoke, mirrors and a whole lot of nonsense. I didn’t want this move to go through because I thought it would be too much of a risk, essentially swapping a proven Championship goalscorer and your top scorer from last year for a total unknown at this level.

The fact that it’s even a loan should be an indicator that even Marcelo Bielsa can’t have much faith in him, or they’d have made the deal a permanent one straight away.

I’ll say it, this move smacks of a lack of ambition.

Whilst Leeds have made some good moves this window, particularly in the winger department with the addition of Helder Costa, bringing back Jack Harrison and holding onto Jack Clarke for another year, they have taken a huge step back when it comes to the forwards.

Given Patrick Bamford’s injury problems from last year, you can’t be too sure that he’ll be available for 100% of the games and after that, who are you left with? Tyler Roberts with only three Championship goals to his name, or Eddie Nketiah with only three goals at senior level for Arsenal in 19 appearances.

You see where I’m going with this? You’re asking a lot from your wingers and midfielders to make up the numbers if your main man goes down.

Once again, this is something that could have been avoided if Leeds had simply done their business early. Why was Roofe’s deal allowed to get to this stage in the first place? The instant he showed some promise last year, they should have been negotiating a new deal there and then, rather than waiting for the summer when clubs could start swooping for him.

I’ve slated Marcelo Bielsa a lot this summer, but he doesn’t get the blame for this one. This time the finger of blame is point squarely at the board. You allowed this to happen, and if you don’t rectify this by making up for it in January, then your hopes of promotion could end up in smoke.

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26 Replies to “The Leeds board allowed this to happen, how could they be so naïve? – Opinion”

  • Not quite sure how long you have been supporting Leeds (if at all) but this is one of the best transfer windows this club has had in terms of moving forward – ie gaining promotion?

    Bielsa is the first manager Leeds have had in a long time that has the ability to bring out the skills that no previous manager has done since Grayson. He has the guts to move people on to other clubs rather than leave them on the sidelines?

    Come back at the end of the season and see where your comments lie?

    I personally want to see Leeds United back up where they were over 50 years ago when I started supporting them, i doubt if you are even old enough to remember those days.

    Once Leeds – always Leeds

      • Would have liked a CB as very sparse there in the back line!!! But the Arsenal lad quality from what I hear. Onwards and upwards hopefully. Glad window shut so no more departures.

    • I’m old enough to remember those days. and How Don Rivies side came together. Didn’t happen overnight. But it’s quite clear that Leeds are a selling club. And that the problem we have is in the directors box. Buy young sell at a profit. At any profit… Clark was sold cheep. Rolf to… we have a problem at the front with strikers that blow hot and cold. I’m not happy with the team as it stands. But one thing Leeds has got … the Fans 50 year ago or now. Simple the best.

    • Alan, you speak for me too. Matthew, you come across as a complete know-it-all impatient tool. However, in Bielsa I trust, not a no mark who just likes to voice his opinion as loudly as he can….
      In addition, you’re not a journalist even if you think you are one; all you’re giving is opinion rather than presenting either facts or an argument, and I suspect that most would also see you as a bit of an irritant. Get behind the team or choose a different one – we don’t need someone like you!

  • Keeping within the confines of UEFA’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ was always going to be a struggle. If you know how to circumvent this then you are a better man than the bean counters at ER.

  • this guy hasnt a clue, anyone remember when roofe came to us and everyone said he was shit. then wood left and he stepped up, we got edmundson, tun, roberts bamford so not missing out on a striker

  • I never write on here but the player from arsenal is a good move we cant buy him as arsenal wont sell him I have watched this kid play and he is exciting to watch all these people who keep slating leeds are not fans at all let’s see who the top goal scorer at the end of this campaign

  • 1 game .in and the moaning started already ,surported leeds for over 50 years .this team could rip this league to bits .in a very special year for our club ,get behind them be the 12th man every match ,every minute ,we are leeds have the faith

  • This is click bait – only a complete moron would be complaining about our forward options. I’d have liked another CB but cant get them all. Still feel we’re going to dominate this year.

  • I’m a Sunderland fan who has spent 3yrs working for Leeds United, I rightly pointed out in January that failing to back biesla with the Daniel James deal was going to be leeds downfall, fans need to look at their squad beyond this season and see what they have. If you get promoted you will get some brass but if not Costa, White, Clark and nkitiah all disappear, you have sold your fringe kid’s who could develop whist you develop players for other club’s who will gain more if they take off and lose nothing if they don’t. We developed the likes of shay given, Danny rose, wellbeck and so on but where did it get us, we even give fletcher experiance for Middlesborough and got relegated because he took to long to learn where the back of the net is. This summer leeds have been asset stripped and replaced with loan players. It doesn’t set you up for nxt season.

  • Pointless reporting, Matthew grow up, Arsenal wouldn’t, sell, Bamford may not have many injuries and this lad should be quality from everything I have read. You are entitled to an opinion but based on such futile reasoning is just pointless. It’s been a sensible window and I believe we have improved. I will enjoy finding out. MOT

  • When all is said and done, the club has actually bought no player. They are all loans for 12 months, then possibly to purchase. We have sold quite a few players, some seniors, some 23’s. It almost sounds as if it’s a ‘clear the decks for a new owner’ scenario. Time will tell!
    After today, I don’t think that we are stronger defensively, but up front we have considerably increased our fire power which should propel us to a better position than last season.
    Saturday can’t come soon enough!

  • I agree with Alan Holland I do not think the board at Leeds have been strong enough in the transfer market there has not been enough investment in player’s for a club that wants to get promoted.
    many people will say that money is a problem at Leeds.
    We are one of the best supported teams in the championship so why do we seem to be always short of money”? You cannot go into the Premier League with a team of loan player’s.
    I believe the present Chairman at Leeds will sell the club if we get promoted as the club will be worth more money in the Premier League.

  • Whichever way you slice it Leeds have spent nothing in this transfer window on transfer fees (apart from the inevitable loan and agent fees) so where has the £30 million (minimum) gone which has been gained in the various sales of players (over the last few weeks)?

    What happened about the actual [player purchases of Ryan Kent from Liverpool, Colidio and Nolan from Inter Milan? Leeds would not pay £7million to Liverpool and £5.5 to Inter. These transfers would have been fantastic investments in the future however Leeds decided to pull the plugs at the last minute so consequently there is only a long list of loan players…

    Leeds deemed Inter’s €6 million asking price for Colidio to be ‘excessive’, deciding not to push through with the deal as England’s transfer window slammed shut. He cost 7 million euros from Boco Juniors… Nolan, meanwhile, was offered a three-year contract but backed away after discovering Leeds intended to loan him to Kilmarnock in Scotland. Why in God’s earth would Leeds think think to ship out immediately a top rated Centre Back player to Kilmarmock. Simply ridiculous… Not impressed…

    • Am I the only person who’s noticed that Leeds have only paid money for one player in the summer transfer window, namely Liam McCarron ? McCarron doesn’t seen to count as a squad player and has disappeared into the Under 23 bottomless pit. Those who pick holes will probably say that millions have been spent on loan fees for the loan players, but most clubs never include that as transfer money spent. Leeds are obviously over-cautious and shit scared of falling foul of the FFP, but Wigan and many other teams aren’t.
      Leeds must have brought in over 30 million in transfer fees this summer, so is that going to be used as a huge safety cushion to see off the nasty point deductors, in-charge of the FFP ?
      Nolan would have been a great back-up to White and Cooper, but the obsession of signing someone and then immediately sending them out on loan is just crazy. Leeds did that with Bouy and Ideguchi and both never played for Leeds again.
      Leeds should have a very good season, providing that no one gets injured or suspended.

  • The reason we did not get promoted was pretty obvious. We were light in almost every department. It did not help with the injuries and suspensions. We took too long to bring in new faces when the window opened and we paid the ultimate price when Daniel James’ transfer did not materialise. We did nt have a consistent full squad week in week out. Despite the setbacks, we did well. I would not have put my money on us finishing third.

    This season again we seem to be taking the same route; last minute (panic?) loan signings, little coverage in certain departments. I would have preferred a CB and also a third striker.

    Knetiah,a little unproven, is only replacing Roofe. Credit to Bielsa for being able to transform ordinary players to key players, but was Tom Pearce beyond redemtpion? He was off loaded very cheaply too. Did we really need to sell him to balance the book? Couldn’t we keep him another season to mould him like we did with Clarke, Shackleton and Phillips?

    We started the new season well but with a small squad, can the players last the entire season free from injuries and suspensions? Too late for ifs and buts now. Let’s hope for a more successful season being the cenetary year. Let’s stick as one and MOT!!!!!

  • What tosh. Bielsa should be credited not only with his on field success, but also with his injection of humanity both on and off the field. Litter-picking,the Villa decision and paying the Spygate fine himself, has been matched by an unsentimental look at the real career prospects of our under 23s. Of those who left, only Halme and Pierce looked to have any chance of a real breakthrough, and the retained crop of youngsters are the strongest we have had for years. I’ve been a Leeds fan for 60 years and am as optimistic now as I was in the days of Revie and Wilkinson (both of whom had to build teams from scratch ).

  • Last season Leeds created more chances than any other team in the division yet our chance to goal conversion rate was the worse in the division and that was with either Roofe or Bamford leading the line. I don’t think either of them are Leeds standard. This young guy from Arsenal looks like the six yard box predator we need who will hopefully take full advantage of all the chances our wingers and midfield create. I like the look of Helder Costa too – we look scary going forward now! Mind to counter that we look scary at the back too! Hopefully this new goalkeeper Meslier has more penalty box sense than Casilla who I would happily get rid off

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