Date: 27th June 2019 at 8:30pm
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With speculation about the future of Leeds United Academy graduate Jack Clarke seriously ramping up this week and the rumours about his potential switch to Tottenham Hotspur really starting to get some details behind them, former player and BBC pundit Noel Whelan has slammed the club for letting the hugely talented lad leave for a ‘knockdown’ price.

“What A Joke” “Disgrace” – These Leeds Fans React Badly To Journalist’s Claim

With plenty of debate when it comes to the fee it seems that Spurs will be paying for the 18-year-old, it seems the only consensus reports have so far is that the overall deal will be worth in the region of £15million to Leeds, but the upfront portion continues to be unknown – although £10million is a popular choice.

Reports on Wednesday suggested he was in London for a medical, so most expect an announcement at some point this evening.

With it believed that Leeds also have first refusal on a loan spell should Spurs look to get him out for greater game time, opinion in the fanbase is already split given the figures being banded about but Whelan certainly pulled no punches when giving his opinion.

“If Leeds sell Clarke for £8.5-£10million, that shows weakness. We’re being soft yet again, when we need to be tough. We’ve gone down the route we went with Lewis Cook, who’s now worth three or four times what Bournemouth paid us for him. It’s desperate from Leeds, I’m afraid. £8m, £10m it’s a disgrace. We need to be stronger as a club than that. The chairman, Mr Radrizzani, needs to be stronger. You can’t blame the young man for having his head turned by Tottenham. They’re a big club who were in the Champions League final a month ago. Which Championship teenager wouldn’t be interested? I don’t want Leeds to be a selling club, I really don’t. I’m afraid Mr Radrizzani has let the fans down with this one. If he got £13m straight up, that would make a difference, as you can buy three quality players.”

Although plenty of fans will agree with Whelan, it’s a spurious argument. £10million and more for an 18-year-old with four Championship starts is a good price ultimately. We all know how highly rated he is and the kind of player we expect him to become but that’s ifs and maybe’s.

He’s not yet a key part of the first team and he did more struggle for form after his illness so if it’s a choice between Clarke or say Phillips, Phillips is the more key player to keep for continuity next year.

That’s not to do Clarke down, it’s just the reality of the situation.

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7 Replies to ““Radrizzani Has Let The Fans Down” – Pundit Tears Into Leeds Over Transfer Link”

  • For goodness sake Whelan. You are not privvy to the dealings of our club and the motives for them. You are just a moaning pundit. Yes the lad has potential. But how much did you really think we would get for a teenager who has not had more than 4 full games for the first team? You have to get in the real world and stop slagging off the owner because his plans do not fit into yours. You are such a bore

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way, been quite surprised by his anger at points since he started having his regular column online. Agree with a fair bit he says, but like this one, only seems right to point out the moaning for effect.

  • I actually agree with Noel on this one. There is clearly desperation here to accept a low offer, and my bet is that very little will go on new players, similar to last year with Vieira. We have already had the signals sent out that the squad was good enough last year and does not need much adding to it. When all around are strengthening, and we clearly tired very badly in terms of sharpness, we need to add quality. Hernandez was flogged until he could barely move last season. Harrison I do not get. He shows glimpses, but in the few matches Clarke played he produced far more.

    It is clear that we have no money and that the Chairman has overreached. He is hoping to get promotion with little further investment and by selling a player who has the potential to be one of our best in the years to come.

    It feels like we are a feeder club for Tottenham, on the cheap.

    Radrizzani needs to come out, be honest with the fans and tell us what is really happening. I am fed up with being linked to players constantly, only for the rumours to bear no fruition, other than those of players leaving. We missed out on James, because we all know we tried to be cute with how to pay for him and quite rightly Swansea pulled out. Now look where he is.

    • Vieira basically paid for Bamford and Douglas and the slush I guess went on Kiko’s wages.

      Again I can’t call £10m on a player with four starts a low ball offer, especially if clauses take it to £15m and then a 10?% sell on fee?

      Also factor in the injuries – can that happen 2 years in a row? What would our chance to goal rate have been had Roofe and Bamford not both been hit with injuries and the subsequent games they were trying to refind their form?

      Disagree completely on tired, you don’t dominate possession, chances in the way we did if you’re tired.

      Do agree on Harrison.

      You’re not factoring in FFP, unless I’ve missed a trick I’m not sure why we can’t do the Derby deal admittedly, but otherwise we have to operate within means unless you want a splurge and the EFL show they were lenient on Birmingham?

      Clubs at this level have to sell to live, it’s life. What a player can be in the future is irrelevant to the now until we reach the top table. Again if the choice is Phillips or Clarke, who is more important to us in the now?

      I also can’t fault the club for wild and ridiculous media speculation at this time of year, I hate it because I know 99% is total nonsense but fans lap it up. That’s not the clubs fault Sean, if they profited from the transfer speculation we’d have a bigger budget! lol

      James Swansea, with us ready to sign final touches needed and Swansea don’t pick up the phone, that’s not us being cute than them being….

  • Whelen has a big mouth and loves to open it. Thinks he knows football because he played it for a while but he is really pretty stupid. Radrizzani is the best thing that has happened to the club for many years. Clarke doesn’t fit the Bielsa system and 10million is a fair price to pay at this stage in his career. Leeds need players with greater contribution and Clarke is still learning the game and not impacting enough. Plans afoot to use the money well. MOT

  • Conclusion
    We are utterly broke, can’t make any move without selling our best players, not even a loan signing so far, Replace Clarke (who i feel will do great things), and for only 10 million !!!! ohh lets get 2 or 3 standard players in, where the hell are we heading again. Lack of spending in Jan cost promotion and $170 million income , maybe 20 million would have done it.

  • A knock down price?? 10m for an 18 year old who is yet unproven in the championship let alone the PL. Are people stupid? We got a good deal. He had a few good games for Leeds but only made the team due to injuries. Get a grip Leeds fans.

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