Date: 30th July 2019 at 7:45am
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Remember when I said last week where there’s no smoke, there’s no fire?

Well it looks as if someone decided to start that fire up again, because there has been a development in a story that looked to be dead a few days ago, and boy is it a big one.

According to The Sun, Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips could be about to throw a wrench into Leeds’ plans for the season and turn down a contract offer from the club so that he can force through a move to Aston Villa. The story also states that the 23-year-old could sit out the rest of the season if he has to, leaving the club in the precarious position of entering next summer with just one year remaining on his contract.

Whilst it might be a little bit late in the day for Phillips to start issuing threats to the club, seeing as Villa signed a man who can play his position last week in Douglas Luiz, it’s possible that he could be doing it to raise interest from other Premier League sides that are interested in his services, like Bournemouth, Wolves and Spurs.

Like many things this summer, this comes down to the club not being organised enough to get things sorted quicker. They are being reactive rather than proactive. Kalvin Phillips is an integral part to how Leeds play and the club shouldn’t be taking risks in letting it get to this stage. Whilst it didn’t seem like a ‘do or die’ situation for the club with two years left on his current deal, that shouldn’t have stopped them sorting this out at the earliest possible opportunity, simply to put all these rumours, and fears of approaches to bed.

Fulham recently renewed the contracts of Tom Cairney & Aleksander Mitrovic, even though they weren’t set to expire until 2023, so I don’t want to hear anything about how Leeds had plenty of time to renegotiate. If you are confident in someone’s ability, you lock them down as soon as you can for as long as you can.

While the move to Villa is probably dead for the time being, the fact that the report specifically mentioned the Midlands club means we shouldn’t rule anything out further down the road, like in the January transfer window for instance. However, the simple way to put a stop to this is simple, pay the man.

The Leeds fans love him, he’s one of their own, he’s vital to how the team plays. Just pay him and we can put all this nonsense to bed. It may cost more than you’re willing to give up, but the good feeling you’ll get off the back of it from the supporters will be worth its weight in gold.

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11 Replies to “Key Leeds man issues threat to club, and the board need to listen – Report”

  • So, as it is in The Sun, it must be true. If that rag told me the the earth was round, I would check another source

  • Clubs should just fine players a month wages that try to force a transfer through and then after sell them on

  • What is the big deal ? He has two years left on his contract. If Leeds go up he will sign a new contract – we will have no problem with matching whatever Aston Villa offers. If we stay down – and he has a season like last year he will be sold for 15 million or more…it is natural for a + 24 year old (next year) with ambition to move on then. We will save about 1,5 million in wages over the next 12 months. And if we are not promoted we will need to sell one or two anyway. All wins..Personally I think maybe Kalvin is the one who is taking the biggest risk here – not totally convinced he will be as dominant as last year. And there are crop of young midfielders coming through who have enormous potential (Shackleton, McCalmont, Bogusz …….. if my spelling is right).

  • As usual Leeds not organised Orta could’nt organise a booze up in a brewery everything left until the last minute he can’t see they need a striker even after watching the games last year with Leeds having 70% possession and not scoring goals the club are not just dis organised but lack ambition and take the fans for granted. Radz should sell up but its too late for this season I feel for all the fans who put in their hard earned money to be let down again.

  • If reports are true then who can blame the lad for hiking his pay from 10 grand a week to 60 grand. Football is all about money these days so good luck to him.

  • Two years left on his contract,,we don’t have to sell….see what he performs like this season,
    And if we go up I am sure that he will stay at Leeds .Move on

  • Same usual crap that dogs this club every season. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is touted around and coming to Leeds and as usual it’s all a load who shot John. The club keep their cards to their chest and no way are they going to tell the world what they are planning whether it’s selling up, who they are seriously looking at (if in fact they are looking at all)
    Bielsa too a hell of a lot of persuading to stay another season and he knows exactly where he is going. What we see is NOT what he sees and I would put pension on the line and bet that if ANY fan spent a week with him they would change the negative of some

  • What concerns me about this Phillips stuff is who actually said he had warned the club
    It’s just some midlands journalists stirring up a story that’s just not there
    Phillips is going nowhere this season and will give 100% to get Leeds up next year he will leave if we fail again which sadly I think we will top 10 at best
    As they say every dog has its day the dog had its day last season

  • I agree with you Brian.
    Club yet again totally disorganised. We are listening to all these stories all summer about how we are in for this player and another player. Total bullshit. Every player that was mentioned has been snapped from under our noses. Does anyone think for one minute that Bamford is going to score goals for us. Not in a million years. He needs 10 chances to score 1 goal.
    We needed a centre half before Jannson left, now we need 2, I know we got White, but we still need extra cover. Cooper and Berardi are a liability.
    I hope I’m wrong but I think we will struggle big time this season.

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