Date: 30th July 2019 at 12:15pm
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Three little words.

That’s all it took for Leeds United fans to be sent into a sense of panic last night.

With the transfer window set to close next Friday, time is slowly running out for clubs to get the last few bits of their business done. For Leeds fans though, it looks as if ‘a few bits’ won’t be good enough, they want more than that.

Beren Cross of LeedsLive proclaimed that United were ‘all but done’ when it comes to this summer’s window. More than likely in an act of trying to calm people down, he did later clarify that ‘all but done is not the same as all done’, however, the horse had already bolted and the Elland Road faithful were not happy with what they read.

Having spent the majority of the summer clamouring at the board for them to sign a centre-back, then after Kemar Roofe’s injury a centre-forward, the implication that they were perhaps one or maybe two signings away from their summer business being done did not sit well with them, and there was one man in particular that they were focusing their anger on.

Although there was one fan who seemed to be on the owner’s side during all this.

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21 Replies to “‘Embarrassing’, ‘absolute joke’: Some Leeds fans sense doom and gloom after latest reports”

  • If Orta hadn’t wasted so much cash on dire signings on 4 year deals, then there would be funds to buy some much needed quality. A good no. 9 and a centre back are additions desperately required, but it ain’t gonna happen. Our Great Leader is well and truly out of his depth, and but for Bielsa we could be looking at League 1!

    • Everyone needs to calm down we obviously don’t need a striker and a CB we have all these wingers who will be amazing, crossing the ball to no_one and tracking back it will be a great shit show. Bielsa walking away in disgust before Christmas and a nervous relegation fight it’s going to be AWSOME. God help us may we rest in peace

  • Well, seems like there’ll be loads of spare tickets available then for this season.

    Oh hang on…………….

    Some need to be reminded of the Ridsdale years! They were like a massive squirty orgasm, brilliant at the time but then no fun for hours after laundering the bedding!

  • Had 84 chances in3 games to score last season scored2 get agoal scorer or forget promotion and buy another piece of property

    • 300 shots more than Sheffield United and Norwich and they still had the nerve to boast about it. Dominating most games in the second half of the season by 75% and still losing 11 games in the second half of the season. The training methods are still causing injuries and maybe Roofe should go, but don’t expect a replacement. The clueless tightwads in-charge would really like Roofe and Phillips off the wage bill, just to compensate for all of the total flops that have been signed by Orta and are now out on loan.

        • No, no, no !!! just facts and some people don’t want to admit the idiotic mistakes that have cost Leeds promotion, with the usual fading away from January onwards. The squad being asset stripped every summer are the consequences for not having enough quality players to get automatic promotion. Aren’t you sick of 15 years out of the top flight or do you enjoy paying Premier League prices to watch Championship football ?

  • weaker squad than last year defence looks threadbare ,no roofe so only hope is costa but cannot him to do it all. beradi,forshaw ,bamford completely useless.
    needs two centre backs a keeper ans striker at the minimum.hold little hope for this season play offs if we are extremely lucky. everybody else has strengthened ,we have weakened.get the quatari millions in and lose these poor board with no money only talk.

  • Here we go again. Not even kicked a ball and the doom mongers are putting the boot in already. The thread bare squad we had last season, that useless bucnch that could not reach the playoffs season before, played some of the best football we have seen in many a year. Even with the injuries we held our own in the top three ALL season. We lost out because or a lousy cock up by Cooper and Casilla and the WHOLE team self distructed.
    How quickly 90% of the season is written and suddenly we are a bunch of misfits.
    The man to blame is RADRIZZANI, the people to blame at the BOARD. Take it out on them but in the meantime get off the players backs and direct all your vindictiveness against those who deserve it. Tell people they are useless and they begin to believe it.

  • Surely the negativity is bordering on ignorance, third last year, some decent signings, great youngsters etc. The club is sustainable and the bookies have us as favourites. I can’t wait but if you wallow in negativity so be it. Eva, how are we being screwed? probably the best team in the division and the club is generally on he up!!!!

  • Third might be decent in your eyes but it don’t mean a thing if we are still in the division , you make it sound like it’s a great achievement ?

  • At the end of last season it was like , ok, not quite this year but next term with a couple of good signings we might just do it , fast forward a couple of months and thanks to Radzianni and his henchmen we’ve got an even more depleted squad , no one to replace Pontus, still got Bamford unfortunately , Roofe injured . theres no way on gods earth that this squad is going to tear this league apart this season , the fans have been duped again . mid table looms , thanks a bunch Radz.

  • It’s harder and harder to support the club with laurel and hardy running us down year on year oh I forgot about kinnear we’ve got the three Stooges in control

  • Not sure Matthew Baldwin is a Leeds fan! The only articles I see him publish are damning of the club, it’s ownership and the players.

    I thought it was made clear that we, like every other club have to comply with FFP. These nonsense stories about spending 15 million here, and 20 million there, are completely farcical.

    How about a bit of promotion? You could cover the backroom staff and the hard work they put in. Or how about covering her impact LUFC has on the local area. Youth players ?

    I personally will be supporting the club 100% no matter where we end up.

  • In Bielsa I “TRUST” so get a grip people before we kick off the season and have a little more faith. MOT Leeds Leeds Leeds ⚽⚽⚽

  • Why anyone expects tightass AR to pay for some quality is beyond me. We have been a sell to buy club ever since he darkened our door! I’ll have faith when THEY show some faith and get some players in before we are screwed by xmas by injuries and a wafer thin squad.

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