Date: 21st June 2019 at 5:41pm
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Leeds United Managing Director Angus Kinnear spoke to the media ahead of the Whites’ upcoming campaign, and shared his confidence in the squad that we’ve got at Elland Road.

“They came very close. We believe they deserved to go up so we have absolute confidence in the squad, but as always we’re looking for opportunities to strengthen. If those opportunities come along, we’ll take them.”

Whilst you think that should be the case for a team that came so close in the Play-Offs last year, there certainly has been a recent trend in teams using the Play-Offs as a stepping stone to promotion. Aston Villa lost in the Final to Fulham the year before clinching promotion at Wembley against Derby County. Fulham had lost in the Semi-Finals to Reading the year before they beat Villa at Wembley, too. While Middlesbrough were defeated by Norwich in the Play-Off Final the year before they were automatically promoted.

Now, whilst you may think that such positive words of wisdom would spark joy in the hearts of Leeds fans, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The are some who believe Kinnear’s message was an ominous sign about how we’re going to attack the transfer window.

They made their voices very clear over the matter, saying that it’s up to the board to put them in a position to compete, and that means providing them with funds to make it happen.

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12 Replies to “‘You get what you deserve’, ‘simple as that’: These Leeds fans make message clear to club board*”

  • The Same format, the same result. Forget Costa, say bye bye to Clarke. No money again which makes all this speculative rubbish just that.

    • Couldn’t agree more, yet again a summer break full of promise to get season ticket sales up, but still nothing confirmed in the transfer market and probably won’t be.
      Owners want success on shoestring budget.
      No doubt more players out than in on less contract cost.

      • Totally agree, the management keeps saying they are a big club, but run it like a league 1 team.
        Really wish the team was sold to someone with ambition

  • Once again we’re at the back of the queue dilly dallying. Bielsa has said he wants at least two signings in the door by the time pre season training starts. That gives us two days to get 2 signings. I think Bielsa has every right to walk away because this board will not back him. Promotion on the cheap is a fallacy that these idiots still believe can happen. Why turn down the Qatar money? Again the club is sold down the river with the pipe dreams of the inadequate buffoons in charge. Shame on you radz

    • I totally agree…..we were so close last year …..why not build on that momentum….PLEASE DONT DESTROY THAT MOMENTUM

  • It is hard to fathom!
    We ran out of players in the end, and the January window was a disaster!
    Kiko was a poor goalie to bring in, and in the play-off semi we had one striker – 80% fit Patrick.
    Derby lost Nugent, but they still had 3 strikers to call on.
    Mr Bielsa said this our squad could not go again for promotion!
    We are shedding players again, but I wonder what Victor and his team are doing all day?

  • We must get a reliable goalscorer or we miss out again, the most likely signing is Jack Harrison who has to improve 200% to make a difference and of course because he is from City he is undroppable no matter how poor his performances. Same old story, lots of rumours ,no substance but on the bright side we may get to see some good youngsters from the u23s and the football will still be great to watch!
    Every player we are linked with signs for another lesser club and if we don’t go up this year we will definately lose all our best players, Roberts , Roofe , Phillips , Clarke , Jansen and some of our other youngsters will not stick around for 2021

  • My mindset is why don’t the board just stop pussyfooting about,and get the positions covered that cost us last season,all loyal supporters are fed up with names being mentioned ,get the deals done NOW.its not rocket science.

  • If the board had seen through the Daniel James transfer in January then he would have given us the lift we needed and we would have gone up as top 2. But no, they blew it, we stayed down an manure got James. Back Bielsa or he will be off sooner than you think.

  • Well, would you believe it, the Costa scenario is all falling apart. Are you telling me that despite the fact that there is NOT MUCH money, Leeds United are incapable of making just ONE signing of around 3 to 4m for a player who could transform our season?
    Snodgrass has made the usual pre season speculation AGAIN. Loved the guy when he was here, but for crying out loud is this what it’s come to. Something is going on that we don’t know about and from where I sit it stinks a bit.

  • 5 players short . Leeds need quality goalkeeper( joe Hart) centre back, midfielder and a goal scorer . Plus decent winger if Clarke goes.
    He needs to sell club to big investors

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