Date: 6th August 2018 at 10:00am
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Leeds United’s opening Championship day victory over Stoke City was expectedly warmly received amongst the fan base.

Welcoming Gary Rowett’s promotion tipped side to Elland Road for the first real action of the year, we took a 3-1 victory with goals coming from Mats Klich, Pablo Hernandez and Liam Cooper and largely, it was a very comfortable game from Leeds perspective.

We turned up in style and well, Stoke didn’t live up to their billing, but that shouldn’t take anything away from our performance as we were clearly better on the day.

Whilst there were plenty and numerous positives to take from the match and our first three points of the 2018/19 season, there was one big elephant in the room on social media following the match. A number of fans felt that one man had certainly let himself down on the day and that was defender Gaetano Berardi.

For some, he was the sole reason for disappointment on the day but that’s actually incredibly harsh.

Now it’s fair to say that at least one of those tweets came as a reaction to the lineup being announced, so he hadn’t even taken to the pitch. A number of other responses were as a result of the build-up to the penalty.

Plenty had another view, believing the blame went to Phillips for not clearing properly and miscontrolling and they gave a very strong defence of Berardi taking the ‘in moment’ flak as emotions ran high.


5 Replies to ““The Only Weak Link” “How Many More Times” – Some Leeds Fans Hammer One Man After Win”

  • He always gives 110%, unlike some of the other players lastseason, and we’ll always have moaning pricks like you , fck off and support Udders with the rest of of the inbreds

  • Thought the lad was good at centre half one most of the headers apart from when crouch came on and even Cooper needed a ladder to beat him in the air
    Get of Berardis back he did good total commitment

  • Wow, it’s only taken you one game to post your nasty, negative and small-minded views. This was a great team effort and singling out one player is pathetic. Shame on you all and shame on vitalfootball for publishing this poison.

  • What a load of bollocks , the headline says ‘hammer one man after win’ , yet these comments were made when the team sheet was announced ! , support your team and stop writing shite .

    • So you didn’t read it then. ‘incredibly harsh’ ‘at least one of those tweets came as a reaction to the lineup, so he hadn’t even taken to the pitch’. Interesting, thanks for your opinion.

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