Date: 7th February 2019 at 7:30am
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With the EFL board meeting for the first time later today since revelations about ‘Spygate’ surfaced, I’d love to see the paperwork.

Derby claimed, and others have subsequently, that we sent an employee to ‘break in’ to their training ground complete with bolt cutters, yet attending Police released the lad without charge and have stated no details were provided to Derby.

We can all wonder where, and why, certain details then came from can’t we. Not so much Chinese Whispers, but more Donald Trump’s annual 100 lies a day.

And whatever Leeds have admitted, it’s not against the rules as the main proponents of punishment know they are relying on regulation 3.4 which simply instructs clubs to act in the ‘utmost faith’ in dealings with fellow member clubs.

Standing on public ground, no attempt at criminal damage, no attempt to trespass let alone showing ‘good faith’ in manager Marcelo Bielsa’s totally honest response to the claims, should actually leave those clubs arguing loudest with a 3.4 reversal in their direction.

They aren’t showing the ‘utmost faith’ because according to the words of the Police, they are flat out defaming the club by repeating the unsubstantiated lies about what our employee actually did.

I hope in our lengthy response that was pointed out by somebody and not gathering the full facts is surely more against ‘utmost faith’ than standing on public ground can ever be?

Even some of the reports covering the meeting today and the fact ‘Spygate’ will be a topic of discussion still reference bolt cutters and say our employee had to be escorted off their grounds which is total fabrication.

Either way, at least we will soon know but it might be best I stop typing now because there is naff all they can do, and any punishment will be an invention under their own laws, so I can’t see it happening at all – they aren’t that stupid.

Must admit, I did like these two comments on social media in particular.

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  • I wonder whether the same vague rule will be used to call out Swansea FC ? After they clearly misled their own player and LUFC in that transfer debacle. Hardly showing the utmost faith !?! But probably not since it was a great piece of distraction technique to scupper us just before a big match. Not that I’m cynical.

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