Date: 27th April 2018 at 7:00pm
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I’m looking forward to just getting the final two games of the season over with now and heading into the summer transfer window.

I daresay I’m not the only one thinking like that as well in our fanbase right now with their certainly being an appetite among many of us to just get into the off-season.

Whilst we wait for that, though, Phil Hay has written his latest column with the subject concerning Victor Orta and his role at the club.

Indeed, Hay has called for him to change the way he works and for the club to follow suit in an as ever insightful piece, to which many have responded.

Let’s take a look at the reaction:

The Verdict

Certainly, I can see why some might be coming to his defence because there has been some good work done by him but, for me, he still has a lot to prove.

This summer, then, if he does not show he can sign top players regularly, I think could be his last window at the club.

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One Reply to “‘So Do We Like Orta Now Or Not?’ – Leeds Fans Discuss Journalist Update”

  • Orta, has had plenty of time and plenty of signings and he’s flunked all but two out of 19 – that isn’t good enough, by anyone’s standards. The U23’s have nothing to do with me wanting him gone – I judge him on the first team. The role has NEVER worked at any club in this country. The players he has brought in have been, not only, not up to standard, but lacking in physicality, desire and temperament. If you are thinking he’s done a fine job with U23’s, well, how much skill does it take to simply get told who the best young players are by your contacts and sign them cheaply? The skill comes in doing the same thing in the adult ranks, but he clearly hasn’t the same contacts, or knowledge of Championship football. U23 football is far different, no real pressure on the ball and no crowd on your back. When they are brought into the first team (if ever), they will get the same shock Mr Alioski and the rest of Orta’s rabble has had. The Championship is tough, physical and crowds are demanding – particularly ours. When you are 5ft 7ins and under you are going to struggle, which shows he had no prior knowledge of this league and it’s rigors. We have several players who are small and lightweight. Grot is the biggest mystery of all – I do not see one quality in him. The other cock-ups were giving senior players 5 year contracts, the badge, now the tour. Someone somewhere is giving someone else poor advice and that’s what happens when the owner is clueless about English football, who then employs someone else who is clueless about it .

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