Date: 5th February 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Neil O'Donnell

It may have taken longer than I expected, but it looks like I’ve finally starting to get people on my side of the argument, even if he isn’t completely there.

Now the sooner I can get Marcelo Bielsa to come over to my side of thinking, the better.

Whilst a lot of attention during Leeds United’s defeat to Wigan Athletic went the way of Patrick Bamford after his struggles in front of goal, one person whose mistake went under the radar was that of goalkeeper Kiko Casilla, who was left flapping at the corner that resulted in the winner.

And speaking to Football Insider, former Leeds United player Noel Whelan is hinting that the Spanish goalkeeper is lucky that circumstances are what they are, otherwise he could find himself out of the team completely:

“I know [Illan] Meslier is sitting there, and he did very well against Arsenal. But, when you look at the magnitude of these two games coming up, you cannot bring in a new player now. It is a big mistake and I am sure he will be disappointed with himself and feel that he could have done a lot better. He could have been a lot stronger. He got the punch completely wrong as well. But no, Marcelo Bielsa will not change that because it is such a big position to take that chance.”

Those who are regulars to this site will know that I’m not the biggest fan of Casilla, and have been adamant in him not being up to scratch for large parts of this season and last, so it will come as no surprise that I disagree with Whelan’s comments. But what makes the comments even more surprising is that he said in another interview for Football Insider, that it was left angry at Bielsa for not putting Jean-Kevin Augustin in the game on Saturday.

Surely if you think a player can help you out, you put them in regardless of the situation, and that’s how I feel about Casilla and Meslier. Kiko has proven himself time and time again this season that he is a disaster waiting to happen, and really enough is enough.

Should Illan Meslier be given more game time?

Yes. It's now or never

Yes. It's now or never

No. Stay with what we've got

No. Stay with what we've got

It’s time to put Meslier in and see if he can get through a game without costing us points.

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