Date: 30th September 2019 at 12:30pm
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He really doesn’t help himself when he does stuff like this.

I’ve been very vocal about Kiko Casilla these past few months, but I’ve let that slide in recent weeks as I focus more on Leeds’ struggles to find the back of the net. However, after his latest showing against Charlton Athletic, I feel that we must once again revisit the topic.

It really boils down to one question. What on earth was he playing at with their goal? Is it really that hard for him to comprehend the idea of catching the ball rather than trying to punch it on every occasion?

And if you think it’s just me that has a problem with his effort for that goal, take a look at the reaction from other fans, so I’m clearly not alone on the issue.

Whilst yes he may have one of the best clean sheet records in the division, and be amongst the best when it comes to save percentage, it doesn’t really count for much if the goals you do concede are just straight up laughable. Imagine how much better those stats would be if he didn’t act like such a fool and actually started doing things like a normal goalkeeper, and we’d be able to find ourselves in a better position in the league.

Not just in terms of league position, but for goal difference as well. And as I said last week, goal difference could end up being crucial to how the league season plays out, so for anyone who is still part of the Casilla fan club, I ask you. How much more leeway are you willing to give him when it comes to making mistakes before you finally realise that we have a ticking time bomb on our hands with this guy?

Whilst he may have caused us major problems last year by coming off his line, it looks as if he’s in danger of causing us problems by what he does on his line this campaign.

What about you? Are you getting tired of Kiko Casilla’s antics in goal? Or do you think that he deserves to be cut some slack for his displays?

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19 Replies to “This weekend’s game was the final straw for this ticking time bomb at Elland Road – Opinion”

    • Get rid of him before it’s to late,and he ends up us losing us promotion,hes to unpredictable in this league,

  • Agree his positional sense as well is debatable, golden rule is anything in the6yard box is the goalkeeper’s, he has to learn ,but at his age he should the championship is more physical so yes give him a few games on the bench.

  • We do not really have anyone to replace him with… bielsa wants his GK to play out and be a sweeper do you really trust any of the current back up options to do that? The biggest problem is the fact we aren’t scoring as many goals as we should and a certain waste of 7 million quid can’t finish to save his life.

    • This is the problem on a nutshell. We lose games by one goal but if we put just half our chances away it would not matter. It is not the GK it’s the forwards, it’s the non striker, it’s the the guys who just cannot put a ball past the first man and cross it. It’s the fact we CANNOT score from a corner, hopeless. We play great right up to the box and then bottle it. I can’t be the only one to see this

      • The team is not in physically tall enough to score or defend from corners. If defences is not doing it’s job then goalkeeper is blamed. Question is why we miss 25 chances before we score one and if we score?.

  • I believe that Bielsa will get it right before Christmas and, we will still have Bamford and Nketya together as main strikers with Costa on the right and Forshaw and Klich behind them and Phillips behind those 2 with Dallas.. White. . Cooper and Alioski at the back and Coco in nets. Clarke won’t get a sniff cos he’s vastly over rated and Harrison will lose his place with Shackleton being used as Mr Adaptable – or – utility player to save burning him out. Bielsa is not stupid, he knows what the problems are and what’s causing them but I still believe Leeds will win automatic promotion finishing top and 7 points clear of Forest. When we start taking our chances (and we will) teams are going to be blown away and humiliated. All we have to do is learn how to crack the ten man wall every team puts up against us and its going to be a great 2nd half of the season
    Hip hip…

  • Out of the 5 goals conceded this season, 4 of them have cost us points, 2 serious games we actually lost, casilla staying rooted to his line and not being in command, is to blame for all points dropped, get rid now, play anyone but him.

  • Let’s get this right this Spanish goalkeeper is not fit for purpose to be called a goalkeeper.
    He shows the lack he punches cuz he cant catch – period:
    He should be farmed out to Fort William Scotland l in The Highland League that’s his ilk there are no doubts in my mind !
    Ex County Semi Pro Goalkeeper
    Mark A

  • He’s another, CALAMITY David James.
    Should have gone close season,if you ask me and BPF should have been NO 1 keeper.
    January,new keeper,a must because what is clear, the manager doesn’t rate the new young keeper we have on loan.

  • He certainly cost us about 7 points last season,enough to of gained promotion and turned the playoff semi final on its head with his 5 minutes of madness..would BPF been any worse….who can tell, but I was a goalkeeper once.. decent standard but obviously not of his stature and I would of caught the ball in the Charlton game and took everything else with me..he is a liability but we have to stick with him.. but he has to do better.. much better. Start tonight in a must win game… MOT

  • I reckon we need to play two up front. As a pair Eddie and Bamford could easy put away chances. That way conceding isn’t the end of the world like it is every game

  • Clean sheet & save percentage, you said it yourself… Of course he’s one of the best stoppers in the league..

    The thing you obviously fail to realize Matthew Baldwin, we don’t really have better & maybe if a few of those 19 efforts had gone in, you wouldn’t have had this poxy article.

    I’ve said it plenty, you’re no Leeds fan, you’re just a sub-par, negative columnist always picking at what’s wrong with Leeds. Focus on your job, not trying to get popular opinion in every blog to appease those fickle “fans” chatting their garbage on Twitter.

    We’re 4th, just shut it cos we don’t need this negative Leeds-bashing tripe every season by so-called Leeds “fans”.

  • Well Davo your Leeds United’s number one fan – The Peacocks. Were you there on a Monday evening early summer in 1972 in the black country Wolverhampton??? 12,000 locked out the ground l ponder the likelihood man.
    Cuz l was there getting my white silk scarf nicked.
    Say less till you hear more pal.
    Mark A

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