Date: 30th September 2019 at 12:30pm
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He really doesn’t help himself when he does stuff like this.

I’ve been very vocal about Kiko Casilla these past few months, but I’ve let that slide in recent weeks as I focus more on Leeds’ struggles to find the back of the net. However, after his latest showing against Charlton Athletic, I feel that we must once again revisit the topic.

It really boils down to one question. What on earth was he playing at with their goal? Is it really that hard for him to comprehend the idea of catching the ball rather than trying to punch it on every occasion?

And if you think it’s just me that has a problem with his effort for that goal, take a look at the reaction from other fans, so I’m clearly not alone on the issue.

Whilst yes he may have one of the best clean sheet records in the division, and be amongst the best when it comes to save percentage, it doesn’t really count for much if the goals you do concede are just straight up laughable. Imagine how much better those stats would be if he didn’t act like such a fool and actually started doing things like a normal goalkeeper, and we’d be able to find ourselves in a better position in the league.

Not just in terms of league position, but for goal difference as well. And as I said last week, goal difference could end up being crucial to how the league season plays out, so for anyone who is still part of the Casilla fan club, I ask you. How much more leeway are you willing to give him when it comes to making mistakes before you finally realise that we have a ticking time bomb on our hands with this guy?

Whilst he may have caused us major problems last year by coming off his line, it looks as if he’s in danger of causing us problems by what he does on his line this campaign.

What about you? Are you getting tired of Kiko Casilla’s antics in goal? Or do you think that he deserves to be cut some slack for his displays?

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