Date: 24th June 2019 at 7:40am
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Leeds United fans may well remember that back in May we were linked with Portsmouth’s talented winger Jamal Lowe.

With us looking to add goals to our attacking play for obvious reasons next season, having missed out on League One Play-Off promotion themselves as they suffered defeat to Sunderland, 24-year-old Lowe was always going to feature on the rumour mill owing to his performances and return of 17 goals and eight or nine assists depending on which reports you read.

Report Reveals Snip £2m Fee For Suspected Leeds Target

It’s now been claimed that the player is definitely off this summer as Portsmouth look to cash in with him only having 12 months left on his contract, and although the original speculation suggested £2million could be the price, even at the now claimed £3million, for me he’d still be a bargain and a useful option.

At that fee, even if he doesn’t have a great season counting Championship football on his CV would only see his price rise anyway.

With the report linking a number of clubs to him though, Portsmouth will be hoping for a bidding war and that might count against us, so if Marcelo Bielsa or Victor Orta do have him on their shortlist, a quick and speedy move might be wise here.

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16 Replies to “If Leeds Have An Interest In £3m Rated L1 Talent, We Should Move Quickly”

  • Hi Mike, Lowe has got 1 year left with Pompey but we’ve got an additional year option on him, so technically 2 years. He won’t be going for less than 3 million or thereabouts that figure and yeah that is a bargain. An excellent player with future potential and resell value.

    • Ah, cheers Jon. Everything I’d read said 12 months left but I didn’t see a mention of a clause. With that extra year in play that’s got to be worth a good £500,000 uplift for you in negotiations I would think, so the £3m fee seems the more likely then. If Pompey rate him that well, I’d be amazed if you didn’t get a sell on clause in as well.

  • No worries Mike, yeah a lot of reports out there with just a year left.
    Probably a 20% sell on clause in that, sure. Hope you guys get him, he would fit well into the Leeds attacking setup. The only other scenario that could happen is Lowe going to Wigan as Paul Cook signed him and they both get on well. Anyway, all the best for the new season and hopefully Pompey will be playing Leeds again at some point.

    • 20% seems to be common it seems so certainly wouldn’t be surprised with that mate. From the outside it seems like Pompey have got themselves better sorted off the pitch now after your darker days, so gives you more freedom to gamble on development instead of taking a quicker (but lower) upfront payment as well so if we do have an interest, hopefully it suits all sides here.

      And to yourself mate, given the way the TV companies lean on us, always been impressed with continuing crowds at Fratton. Shame you missed out last season, the Play-Offs aren’t for everyone sadly (as we know well!).

  • Yeh, our away form was great last season without actually playing that well. The home form wasn’t the best and a lot of hoof-ball being played wasn’t entertaining at all( Lowe was fed up with it). If we had gone up we would have struggled big time I reckon. Finances are under control which is good now but the brick by brick mentality that we were ‘supposed to be building’ especially regarding the team doesn’t ring true. Excellent players leaving with only good/average replacements. I hope Leeds gets into the Premier League again with your fan base and the way you are playing shouldn’t be that far away. The championship is our Premier League these days! 🙂

    • Back of a decent season maybe it twisted to win at all costs, wouldn’t be the first side to sort of step backwards when promotion looks likely. At least the foundation is there, ours is, we just need to build on it now with finances tight. Hopefully we’ll both be in for a good year!

  • Yeah absolutely, two very decent clubs with great potential and fan base. Apparently, Kenny Jacket is trying to persuade Lowe to stay with us. It’s probably vital if we want to have a chance of doing something next year. We are finding it difficult to get new faces in as well, without costing us big money.

    • I doubt we’d be interested in a buy to loan deal but someone else might be on that basis depending on how hardball you want to play the 12 month clause.

      EFL will be hoping you come up with your fanbase, especially if we go one step better this year. You don’t mind being on TV 30 times a season do you!

  • There is a great possibility of him staying, whether he likes it or not at this moment in time, Mike. A striker from Plymouth ‘Ladapo’ who’s just signed for Rotherham, for example, wanted way more $ than what Lowe is on and he’s coming from L2. Getting any kind of decent replacement is near impossible the way our club is run with a strict wage structure. Pompey are thinking ‘this isn’t the Jamal Lowe Show’. It’s that year option that favors the club. (Now I’ve typed this, he’ll be at Elland Road tomorrow!)

    Yeah, you can guarantee Pompey could add something to the championship fan wise, especially away days. It would be great playing Leeds, Forest and all, it’s such a great league now with a high caliber of teams.

    • I’m firmly in the camp of player power unfortunately as they hold all the cards now ultimately. It always forces a club into a choice when it comes to maximising value, but if he’s still happy at the club it’s not uncommon to agree the 12 month stay and then guarantee a sale next summer, giving Pompey time to scout the next one coming through if you can’t spend to replace. The money in the game is now ridiculous and has been for a long time sadly. With plenty sniffing around our talent this summer, just have to hope the club can cover its own back regardless of what happens.

      Daft really, despite the money spinning around at the top level, it seems the lower block of Prem and Champ is more competitive than ever in many ways. Certainly makes it interesting!

  • Money talks, that is true but I got a feeling the club won’t let him go unless we can find a decent replacement which hasn’t materialized yet. Quite a few of our transfers have fallen by the wayside because of wage negotiations (league 2 players!). I think you are right about him doing the 12 months, then a promise of a sale instead of the contract extension. Unless absolutely silly money comes into the equation of course, or we have someone lined up out of the blue. Anything can happen, especially with Pompey!

    • Yeah, this is where a bidding war would suit your purposes but if Leeds do have an interest in him, you would expect that to count against us – although the reported Jack Clarke deal would improve our hand there.

      I’d imagine ‘promises’ go on far more than fans appreciate to be honest. With the way the Clarke speculation has rocketted this week, I wonder if there was maybe an element of that at play last summer when clubs were first linked to him?

      Only a few weeks to go before we’ll all know for sure in any event, be nice to have some concrete news instead of all the speculation really.

  • A bit of a development Mike is that we’ve got Ryan Williams back (previous youth player), a winger on a free from Rotherham. So I don’t know if that could now pave the way to cash in on Lowe.
    If Spurs buy Clarke, you should get a decent amount for him, That would definitely help the transfer kitty for you. I’ve never seen Clarke play. How do you rate him?

    • Might see him as cover or an alternative then? New name on me so can’t really comment.

      Re Clarke, speculated fees are so contradictory but it seems best consensus is a deal worth in the region of 15m all in with clauses, so would give us more wriggle room on strengthening obviously. His illness massively held him back for me as it felt like he was starting to work more towards regular starts at that point with his impact – but we rightly went kid gloves after his collapse but he never quite regained the form he was beginning to show. Massively talented for the future though and for me, he will be a household name in 2-3yrs. Not caught up on news today, but if we are dealing I’m hoping it’s a 12 month loan back.

  • Yeah, Leeds have had some excellent players over the years. I’d like you guys to get back in the prem, staying there and being competitive is the problem with the vulture clubs. The latest report on Lowe is he hasn’t handed a transfer request and shone in training today. Kenny Jacket said 2 bids were turned down and those clubs haven’t been back in. I know Millwall bid 2.5 million and I think Wigan was the other 1.5 mil so, from that, I don’t think Leeds has bid yet. He is a very good player but other clubs might not think he’s ‘3 million +’ good and to be honest, I agree.

    • Can appreciate the position you’re in with Lowe as we’ve had a steady stream of young talent move on to balance books ourselves but sadly when you aren’t at the top table it’s an evil necessity at points, just have to ensure it’s always the right deal for the club don’t you – sell on clauses are always risky but when they pay off it’s an unexpected bonus. Doesn’t sound like he’s had his head turned then, that’s always a bonus when it comes to mentality and maturity but there’s a long way to go yet in the window and there’s always that tricky down effect when a couple of bigger moves go through, so we’ll see. Nice to know (if we are interested) how you rate him though and despite the speculation I do always prefer it when players more respect their club rather than throwing toys straight from the off.

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