Date: 4th September 2019 at 12:30pm
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Has enough time passed yet?

Have you finally managed to put the loss to Swansea behind you? Or do you still need a few more days of the international break to forget about it? Well if you have or if you haven’t, it’s time for us to delve into it again.

The manner in which Leeds fell to defeat against the Swans has caught the eye of former Leeds United man Danny Mills, because he fears it may be a repeating pattern that could end up costing the Whites in the long run.

Speaking to Football Insider, the former defender said:

“Against Forest, dominated, created untold chances, didn’t put the ball in the back of the net and you’re susceptible to a dodgy goal at the other end. That’s exactly what happened against Swansea. Somehow Leeds have got to become more clinical. Is it shooting more, is it shooting sharper?… At the moment, they are the best team in the league… but they’ve got to prove it.

I spoke yesterday about how it could be time for Bielsa to make good on his consideration to play two men up top in the coming weeks to overcome the shortcoming upfront. It’s something that has been well known to Leeds United fans, as their reaction to how the game played out demonstrates.

Hopefully when it gets brought up by someone who actually has some level of authority on the matter, being a former player rather than just a fan on Twitter or a website, it will finally get through to Marcelo Bielsa. Given the high standards that Bielsa set last year, both in terms of style of play and getting so close to promotion, this has to be the year that Leeds finally make their way into the top flight, they may never get another chance at this. So the sooner that the frailties up front are sorted out, the better.

What do you think? How do Leeds change what could soon become a dangerous trend? Is it something that can be fixed overnight? Or do they have to wait until the January window to bring in a striker who can solve the problem?

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4 Replies to “Former Leeds man has damning words for Bielsa and his men, it’s time for a change – Report”

  • STOP using POOR players who CAN’T cut it in the Championship. Casillas, Harrison, Alioski, Klich. Their weakness and poor ability will bring down the performance the others that will get SICK of carrying them – Just Like Last Season. It’s EASILY fixable overnight. Bielsa shouldn’t dig another hole he can’t get out of like last year. Flipping Eck he took Phillips off against Swansea for a poor first half last season but yet he give these weaklings all the time in the world. We need some Yorkshire Grit – if it still exists.

  • This is our Achilles heal and its massive. We play brilliant fast paced football that would grace any field but we just cannot capitalise on all that possession and dominance by putting the ball in the net. This is why many fans are screaming for an additional CB because we are being hit with sucker punches and either lose or chase the game.
    If we converted half the chances we create we could well afford to concede because we would have that cushion. I think this is what Bielsa is hoping to achieve. It’s all very well not changing a winning side but we have Nketiah and Costa who are not getting the playing time to build up a rapour and show us just what they can do. We NEED to rotate, win or not because we have all the players to dominate this league if we use them right. Come on coach, we should be sitting high and dry now and not down in third place, WHICH is NOT the end of the world after just six games

  • Its about time to start playing Costa now and start playing two up front and start taking our chances we should be taking the championship apart with the players we got heads down and start playing the football we know we can play

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