Date: 7th February 2019 at 6:30am
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With ‘Spygate’ hitting the headlines this week once again as the EFL are actually set to hold their first board meeting since Derby County made various claims against Leeds United, it’s been reported that although Norwich City were ‘prominent’ in arranging the collective letter from eleven Championship sides to the authorities, they have categorically stated that no ‘points deduction’ punishment should be on the table.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reported yesterday that they believed the staff member in question who attended Derby’s training ground did have secateurs to potentially trim bushes as they stood on public (and not private) land, as opposed to the often and wrongly stated ‘bolt cutters’ which even the attending Police have dismissed as a fallacy.

But also that Leeds have strongly defended the accusations levied at us by those who clearly don’t know their rear end from their elbow.

The most telling comment, given all the claims in the press from some in football about a points deduction for a completely legal act and one that isn’t against the rules, came from Norwich’s Sporting Director Stuart Webber, who they quote as saying.

“Do we believe there should be a points deduction? No. If that is all they’ve done then I don’t think it should even be a fine. What we do want is real clarity. They say they’ve done it to every club, so we want to know ‘what did you do at our club?’”

The EFL complaint even apparently and rather bizarrely asked for details of any bribes given to ‘third parties’ or ‘inside sources’ and I think too many have been the James Bond movies lately.

Short of those idiots who believe Leeds should be punished for not actually breaking the rules, I can roughly see Webber’s point – basically it’s ‘how did you spy on us so we can stop it in the future’.

My answer would be, walk outside your training ground and when you can see something you wouldn’t want people to, in the words of Donald Trump “Build a Wall”. Fences are available.

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4 Replies to ““What We Want Is Clarity” – One EFL Complainant Dismisses Leeds Points Deduction Claim”

  • If you want to see exactly what Stuart Webber said then you should watch the fan interview that he did with My Football on YouTube.
    It really is Leeds against the world, isn’t it?!
    On the ball City!

    • Yes it is, well spotted, if letter was not directed at Leeds with action wanted to be taken against Leeds, then why was it not left until a later date to send letter to the EFL as a general letter against any future so called spying ad it is a wide spread practice as is a known fact by many of the football fraternity. Any actions taken by any team now which may seem suspect should be followed up by a tell tale letter to the authorities, nur, nur, nur, nur, NUR.

  • Reasonable request, no?

    All we know for sure is what happened at Derby. It’s fair to suggest that monitoring training sessions would present different challenges at different training grounds (some places might have hedges to trim back, others might have fences to climb, etc – you get my drift).

    Until such time as Leeds are transparent about the methods that they actually employed at other training grounds, no one can say for sure just how bad it is. Like it or not there is a lack of transparency here.

    The presentation on Derby was showmanship and deflection to avoid the awkward questions imo.

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