Date: 6th October 2018 at 4:00pm
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Well, that was a whirlwind game that we perhaps should have expected but we didn’t get the result we should have done.

Both sides had chances but I did feel as though we shaded it against Brentford today and but for a dodgy dive from Ollie Watkins we’d be looking at three points.

That’s how it’s gone, though, and it’s another frustrating draw for us against a side that in the end would be more than happy with that.

To me, though, it’s now time to drop Bailey Peacock-Farrell.

We all like BPF but no-one is exempt from the drop and I just think today he looked pretty shaky.

He rushed Watkins and was perhaps unlucky for the penalty but other decisions were poor from him today.

We were reminded that he is still a young keeper and I just wonder whether it might now be time for him to come out.

He wasn’t awful but I think Jamal Blackman would be a more solid option moving forward after the internationals.

Let’s see if Bielsa agrees.


12 Replies to “We may have salvaged a point, but it’s time to drop this Leeds man”

    • Ayling was shocking today,needs the 2 weeks to work on his passing,Cooper will always be a liability against Pace.
      Alioski looked better at Left Back.
      Philips Played well,Roberts worked hard.
      BPF did nothing wrong,Why do we need to drop him???
      Cooper Yes
      Ayling Yes

  • Quite Right Henry. I wonder what some folk see when they watch LUFC. The lad is exceptional given his years and ultimately, any goalkeepers failings are the result of another 10 plus an utter wank referee

  • BPF did nothing wrong today. Watkins blatantly cheated for the penalty,a clear dive. BPF made a couple of saves and did ok. His distribution is good and keeps us moving quickly
    Read a few reports from the reserves where Blackman has kept goal and he’s made his fair share of ricks so he will not necessarily improve things
    Stick with BPF he’s Leeds and will be for many seasons to come and will improve with time
    Blackman on loan so why damage our players to give loanees playing time when they’re not necessarily better than OUR PLAYERS

  • I’m sorry what? did the writer of this recently sustain a large wack to the head. BPF has been one of the best goalkeepers we’ve had in the last decade (all be it that’s not actually saying much) he’s young and playing well. Plus you say blackman would be an improvement, How? I’m guessing you didn’t watch the cup game he played were he looks like a rabbit in the headlights, that and the fact he’s on loan.

  • We’re you even at the game. What a fucking save in the first 10 minutes and you want to drop him?
    Absolute fucking melt.
    Stop writing shit about the lads out there when you clearly know fucking nothing.

  • d travis is a travesty to journo’s tripe n more tripe gushing from your pen

    go away n write about the Salford manc’s


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