Date: 13th July 2018 at 7:00pm
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It would appear that Kyle Bartley is going to join West Brom this weekend for a fee of around £4m according to the Express and Star.

And, in writing that, I have to say I’m pretty frustrated – like no doubt countless amounts of our supporters – that we’ve not even tried to make a play to bring him in.

The guy loved Leeds, Luke Ayling was on holiday with him, we need a new centre-half and we’ve evidently got the money to stretch to his measly fee – surely we deserve to know why we’ve somehow let this one go?

For sure, Bielsa might feel that he is not the defender he wants but, annoyingly, I don’t see us getting linked with many other options at the moment.

We’ve let centre-halves go to open up room surely for another arrival and yet we’re making no progress in trying to bring in a starter.

Bartley would have been ideal and yet we’ve just watched him sail by.

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14 Replies to “We deserve answers after Leeds let this potential signing slip through”

  • It just beggars belief what’s going on,chairman in Russia having a jolly with 4weeks to kick off and one loan signing,afraid it could be worst than last season and as for the tour to Myamar or would that have something to do with chairman’s company. Whole thing stinks

  • I have said exactley the same thing now since the window opened no signings just loans players dangle the carrott of signing quality players to sell more season tickets but not even to try and sign barlett now that tells the supporters what to expect .
    Enough is enough please ratz tell the supporters the truth

  • can`t understand this bartley was keen on coming here and if the price is 4 million how can we not put a bid in for him , the only other reason is he doesn’t want him

  • Good luck with getting any worth while answers out of our owner or board
    This far I haven’t bothered buying season ticket until I see some worth while signings

  • My sentiments exactly. I know it was 2 seasons ago but an effective defender and 6 goals to boot. Made perfect sense to resign him

    Shaking head in disbelief

  • Kevin Bartley-Our new manager did not want him, simple as that. Why sign one of the best manager in the World for big money if the Club can get better advise from supporters on some stupid sites on the web. Remember last season the fans said Rofe was useless-but now the same fans talk about him as a player that we can´t be without. Please Leeds fans stop this bullshit and let Radrizzani, Orta, Kinnear and Bielsa do there job, they know what they are doing.

  • can see it now. Bartley not fancied by Bielsa so signs elsewhere

    Roll forward 2 weeks, Bielsa dissatisfied by the boards dealings in the transfer market an walks away.

    In the aftermath we find that Orta and the board had deals lined up for Lewis Grabban, Bartley and others but pulled out because Bielsa didn’t fancy them.

    We as a result get any out of work manager and sign Jerry Mbakogu in the last 15mins of the transfer window.

    I can see it happening ????????

    All joking aside as I believe judgement come after a decent run of games so holding back on commenting on our chances until January

  • useless jerry,probebley onlt sighning we make,,where are all the loans,,,so no defenders goalscorers,,,,,,,,my team,,,peacock Farrell,,,,,,,wahlqvist,,foyth,,,de ligt,,,,,,,,,hossannah,,,Vieira,,,sessegon r,,,,,,saiz,,,baker,,,Clarke,,,,,,,,edmondson……subs,,,,,blackman,,,,,,,o connor,,,ayling,,,,,shackleton,,,Forshaw,,,,,,kean,,,Roberts……….

  • Can’t believe the some of the Leeds fans we have a owner that give a f**C about our club spend money where previous owner haven’t give the guy a chance.
    We will sign the player needed for what the new manager needs not what some morons think.

    • Lack of investment gets us nowhere 3 weeks til season starts and we have the same shit squad as last season. No Bartley and McBurnie joke. Bring in Jerry ffs

  • Why oh why have Leeds not signed Shaun Bartlett 4m is nothing in this market can’t wait to see calamity coops next season we r a joke

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