Date: 9th October 2019 at 7:15am
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Following the inexplicable and utterly bizarre decision by referee James Linington to punish Leeds United centre-half Gaetano Berardi for not seeming to actually make contact with Tom Bradshaw during our 2-1 defeat to Millwall last weekend, the club had already announced plans to, rightly, appeal the straight red card.

Fans and pundits were pretty much in uproar at the decision and rightly so, as it seems only the referee on the day noticed a hint of actual contact.

Following the paperwork going in on the appeal, yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that the independent Regulatory Commission had rescinded his suspension, and that he was free to come back into manager Marcelo Bielsa’s selection plans for the Birmingham City clash following the October international break, but rather predictably (as we all remember Patrick Bamford’s reversal after last season’s Aston Villa clash), Bradshaw has not been charged with deception in the same way, which is the least that should’ve happened given it undoubtedly contributed to us not getting anything from the game.

Reaction on social media was entirely predictable in this case.

Given you can argue there was cover, so it wasn’t a clear and obvious goalscoring opportunity, nor a professional foul, I could’ve sworn the double punishment rule had been done away with the other year anyway, which if my memory is right (maybe not in fairness) the award of the penalty made it a yellow card at worst?

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2 Replies to ““Tom Daley Would’ve Been Proud” “You Could Script It” – These Leeds Fans Fume At Continued Lack Of Fairness Even Though Appeal Was Correct”

  • this just goes to show how corrupt and biased the governing body of the English game is.when you have 2 top ex referees saying that the player cheated to gain an advantage and parasitic body who govern the game turn a blind eye to the incident it proves once and for all that they are corrupt.

  • If this Is a clear case of cheating which it is. Backed by top referee officials. The result should be reversed and given to the other team. Get some backbone Football officials and stamp out all this Cheating. Its spoiling the beautiful game

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