Date: 10th June 2019 at 5:55am
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As Northern Ireland geared up for the European qualifier on Saturday against Estonia, Leeds United goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell found himself in front of the press and the topic turned to the 2018/19 year he had at the club as we ultimately failed in our bid for promotion.

The 22-year-old Academy graduate quickly rose through to the first team, and he began this season as our No 1, making 29 appearances across the campaign, but was ultimately replaced by Kiko Casilla when he arrived in January.

Some thought rightly so given his mistakes as his successes were overlooked, but with Casilla’s hardly being a rock, there were those who wanted him to return. In some senses, you can see why he feels somewhat hard done by, but he does have a lot left to learn and he certainly ended up caught out with his choice of words in this interview.

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I thought the reaction might be quite tasty given the unfair flack he’s already taken this season but the line of thought taken by BBC pundit Noel Whelan when speaking to Football Insider was shared by a number in the fanbase.

“There’s no guarantee, you’ve got to work for your place. Coming out and putting the club under fire like that, in a little bit of a threatening way, pushing his own place, I think it’s wrong. I understand you want to play, but that’s not the way you do it, he’s threatening the club. He’s still under contract with Leeds United, whatever happens, happens, rather than kicking up a fuss on Sky Sports News. That shouldn’t have been coming out publicly. That should have been between manager, chairman and player. It’s forceful, it forces the hand of Leeds United.”

Admittedly, not a great angle for BPF to have taken but I think plenty are finding offence here purely because it seems to be the done thing these days. On the one hand, you can’t say he has plenty to learn and then not excuse him a few hiccups as he continues to learn, and that applies to the media as well.

No doubt, had he seemed happy to play second fiddle having had such a taste of senior action, people would’ve criticised him as well, but he did get some support on social media, so I get the split opinions on BPF will simply harden after this.

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