Date: 24th May 2018 at 7:05am
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I think we might have found the club that’s most obsessed with Leeds United – and it might not come as a surprise.

If I was to throw the question out there without any clue of where this article is going, you might say Manchester United or one of the Sheffield clubs. Maybe, too, you’d say Barnsley but, really, there can only be one winner – Huddersfield Town.

Boy, are those lads bored with Premier League football.

They should be having the time of their lives because it isn’t going to last long but, instead, this piece was recently produced by their local press – to which there’s been plenty of reaction:

The Verdict

Truly, it’s about the saddest thing I’ve read on social media to do with our game and perhaps it is no surprise that they are the club associated with it.

They’ll never be as big as us and, certainly, they’re lacking all the class too.

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One Reply to “‘This is so tragic’ – Where to start with this?”

  • Huddersfield may not be ‘as big’ a club as Leeds, but unlike Leeds they are in the premership not lanquishing in the championship going nowehere. I’m a Leeds fan but we need to stop living in the past and face up to reality. Leeds haven’t progressed one iota in 14 years.

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