Date: 27th April 2018 at 12:44pm
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I believe it was only yesterday that I said we hadn’t heard the last of this Burma fiasco and, well, that’s certainly been proven right.

Okay, so, admittedly I probably didn’t need a crystal ball to make such a prediction and, being honest, I’d rather have been wrong instead of the controversy rumbling on.

Today’s development, then, is that five Leeds based Labour MPs have written a letter to Andrea Radrizzani asking him to call off the tour – as per Phil Hay on Twitter:

Certainly, this situation is really starting to generate a lot of publicity – as we should have expected – and the more I think about it, the more I can see it getting hooked.

Whilst we wait for the response, though, let’s take a look at the reaction from our fans:

The Verdict

It’s just all gone to pot hasn’t it?

You’re not telling me that the club didn’t expect such a backlash either? Because if they overlooked the repercussions that is almost as worrying as going on the trip in the first place.

I think we’re heading for another Radrizzani climbdown.

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2 Replies to “Things Getting Serious After Latest Burma Development”

  • I don’t follow the logic of the complaint and am behind our chairman on this.

    I have live in SEAsia for 25 years and have some appreciation of the situation in Myanmar, it’s development and changes in the last 10 years etc.

    For a start I agree that Leeds United going to Myanmar is beneficial on most every level. The team going in and doing CSR work and introducing more of the West can only be good for the locals rather than bad. This sheds light on the country and will likely have the leaders behave better rather than worse with the spotlight on them.

    I also question the utter hypocrisy of those politicians and so called enlightened folk. Should England be at a Russia World Cup then ?. Is our attendance an endorsement of a Russian regime that behaves intolerably even in the U.K. No. The common sense view is that England should attend. Why not so Leeds in Myanmar?

    The US almost boycotted the Berlins Olympics. What s remembered of that event! The utter horrors of the Nazi regime? The endorsement and support for that regime? No. It was remembered as something which shone a light and contrasts good over the evils of Nazism. It is remembered for the extraordinary success of Jessie Owens which illustrated the nonsense of the Arian philosophy.

    Well done Leeds Utd. Always at the sharp end of undeserved criticism.

  • Whilst I might not agree, in principle, with this “tour” please do a search on the interweb for British companies doing business in Myanmar. Only recently has Britain been rated as the fourth highest investor in the country. Compare what LUFC are doing with some of the BIG firms with interests out there. Football and LUFC in particular are easy prey for the red top press.

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