Date: 23rd August 2019 at 12:30pm
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What do you do when you don’t get a ticket to the game?

The majority of us will find some sort of streaming service to watch the game on, whether they be legal or, less than legitimate. Leeds United though have announced a much better way of watching this weekend’s game with Stoke City, and this method won’t get you in trouble with the police.

The club have announced that they will be showing a ‘beam back’ of the match for those who missed out on tickets.

It’s a fantastic gesture by the club. If a number of fans can’t make the game for a number of reasons, be it because they can’t afford it, missed out on tickets, can’t make the journey or don’t fancy having to listen to the Stoke fans singing ‘Delilah’ every five minutes. And quite frankly, if it’s because of that last point, I can’t say I blame them.

Although there were a number of fans who pointed out that the last time they did a ‘beam back’ for a game from the Bet365 Stadium, things didn’t go quite so well. Let’s just hope the phrase ‘lightning never strikes twice’ holds true tomorrow, or I fear this may be the last time the club puts on something like this.

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