Date: 24th April 2018 at 5:00pm
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The senior boys might not have given us much to shout about this season but the younger lads certainly have tried to change that.

Of course, you can never get as excited about the youth sides winning compared to the first team but it is still nice to see them doing well.

And that is exactly what we’ve seen from them this year with both the U18 and U23 sides excelling at times and putting in some great performances.

The future could be bright, then, and it looks as though the U23 coach Carlos Corberan is pleased with how things have gone:

Let’s take a look at the reaction to this:

The Verdict

Clearly, Heckingbottom could do with taking a few lessons out of Carlos’ book!

It’s nice to see that there is success going on around at the club right now and, hopefully, that will bleed into the first team before too long.

Let’s see if more of the kids get to play between now and the end of the campaign.

Thoughts, Whites? Let me know!


One Reply to “‘Sign Him Up’ – Leeds Fans React To Coach Update”

  • When Christiansen came in he was referring to the new project which usually takes 2-3 years to show results. These projects apply to all platforms of the team U18, U23 first team etc. re Belgian national team have been playing together from U18 to U21 and are now currently one of the best in the world. They’ve been playing with the same tactical philosophy on all levels, so for me it is not a great surprise that our younger teams are having success. Our first team also had success playing positive football, it is not circumstantial that we were occupying a playoff position until the end of 2017. It was always to be difficult with the first team as the league is very competitive and too physical for the foreign players at least for the first season. What Radrizzani did by sacking Christiansen was to delete that project and when the younger players are bled to the first team under Heckingbottom they will not feel the continuity of the project as his tactical concept does not match Calrlos’s system. I’m not saying that Christiansen would have achieved play off place but instead of strengthening the team in January unfortunately our chairman messed it up completely. I have nothing against Heckingbottom but he doesn’t breath confidence in the team and it shows on the pitch as foreign players especially, struggle to follow his orders mainly because of the language barrier as I sometimes find it hard to follow him on his press conferences where his body language is all wrong, he shows always to be defensive and stressed out. Finally I would beg our fans not to stick to Saiz as we haven’t had a player like him from the time we were playing Champions league. His a talent and players like him should be given the freedom to express themselves on the pitch. M.O.T. Larnaca – Cyprus

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