Date: 2nd September 2019 at 12:00pm
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Well, we can’t all be ‘The Invincibles’, looks like we’ll just have to win the league without a zero in the loss column.

Speaking after the defeat to Swansea, Bielsa said that it was a game that they ‘should have won’ and when you look at the stats, he certainly has a point.

But it looks as if the defeat has left a few Leeds supporters down in the dumps somewhat, as they seemed more upset over the defeat than the head coach was.

Rather than just dismiss it as ‘one of those days’, they were well and truly disheartened by what they saw and were not afraid in letting their boss know about it.

Although, I think this gentleman might be taking it a little bit too far. As much as I’m not Bielsa’s biggest fan, even I know that this would be an extreme measure.

Perhaps it’s the prospect of the international break coming over the horizon that has dampened spirits somewhat, knowing that we won’t be able to watch any ‘Bielsaball’ for a fortnight or so. Don’t worry folks it will be over before you know it, then we’ll be back and ready to take on the league again.

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5 Replies to “‘Same old story’, ‘clueless’: Not all Leeds fans on board with Bielsa’s assessment”

    • Keith Milburn has said it all. The people on this thread live under bridges and only come out to hurl abuse at the players or the manager. They are utter wankers who don’t appreciate that we have one of the best coaches in the world in Marcelo Bielsa.

  • I think Simon Parsons should replace Bielsa with Simon Dankworth as his assistant. They seem to have their fingers on the pulse.

  • Bielsa tactics clearly are working we maybe don’t have the best quality when it comes to finishing.
    I think whoever changed the way the stats are counted should rethink as there was 9 blocked and only 3 on target.
    Maybe a shot outside box that’s blocked could be put down as blocked but 6 yards out and on target but blocked should be classed as on target. Clearly we should of stopped hitting crosses into the 6 yes box as that GK owned that area

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