Date: 4th September 2018 at 6:00pm
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As one of the biggest clubs in the country let alone the league it is perhaps no surprise how much we end up on television.

At the end of the day, Sky Sports know more people are going to want to watch Leeds instead of anyone else in the Championship and that has only increased with the arrival of Marcelo Bielsa.

Certainly, it’s an exciting time at Elland Road but with more games set to be on TV in the coming months, it looks as though we’re not going to actually get much money from it:

Of course, not everything is about money but it would be nice to get some sort of compensation for the amount of travel plans and things like that our fans have to sort out.

Indeed, we give a lot to Sky and Radrizzani has suggested that is the case with this strong message:

We do help them out audience-wise, let’s be honest, so it’s nice to see Andrea bring that up.


2 Replies to “Radrizzani has strong message after latest Leeds news”

  • Are you serious? Any business owner knows that if your product is on TV you can generate a whole raft of associated income. How much more do you think an East Stand ad costs for a televised game, or how much more shirt sponsorship for a team constantly on the TV?

  • LUTV charge £5.00 per game to watch Leeds United. Simple maths says 5 x 500,000 = £2,500,000 for one game!
    Mega company like SKY only offering £460,000 for 9!
    No wonder AR may be a bit put out. Just think what that would do to help Leeds United’s bottom line.

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