Date: 25th May 2019 at 7:00am
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Leeds United owner and Chairman Andrea Radrizzani took full advantage the other day to send a broadside back at Derby County with Spygate grudges well ingrained and the dig concerned their use of a Financial Fair Play loophole to avoid sanctions.

Derby have sold Pride Park to their owners, and he is now leasing the ground back to them, but for financial purposes that wipes out a significant chunk of their growing debt and I believe it put them into profit when it came to the final year of the FFP calculation that was undertaken last March.

It’s believed that Aston Villa and Sheffield Wednesday are potentially preparing to do this themselves, but Radrizzani feels it’s not ‘ethically correct’ and he’s ruled out that we would also take advantage of the loophole.

There were a few topics covered, including Marcelo Bielsa’s future but I’ll limit this to his words on the Stadium deal.

“I think to whether a shortcut to go around the financial fair play regulation is not ethically correct. It might be correct and allowed by the rules according to what had been reported by the chairmen of the league but at the same time it’s not ethically correct. Because I was fined for sending in February a scout, a coach to watch a training session at Derby County. I think this is also not ethically correct as well or even more. So I let the people judge. The fact was we paid the fine because it wasn’t ethically correct according to the FA and EFL.”

Radrizzani went on to deny it was a response to Spygate or our recent Play-Off defeat to them, and stated that in his mind it wasn’t a fair playing field because not all clubs could take advantage of the loophole and that in itself created an unfair advantage.

“They all need to be clear in what they’re allowed to do. Not every team is able to sell the stadium to a sister company or the sponsors on the shirt to a sister company. If this is possible fine, but then we need to know some teams are penalised by the fact that they cannot do the same activity. We cannot sell the stadium to another sister company, even if we could, I wouldn’t do it because of ethics.”

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5 Replies to “Radrizzani Comments On Whether Leeds Will Use FFP Loophole After Derby Broadside”

  • Too crying now rads should of invested last season we would of been promoted. We bought a goalie who is no better than wat we had . The manager will leave why would he stay at a club who spends nothink and exspects to be promoted wat a joke

    • Go on then, Brain of Britain, what investment was required? Bet you can’t nail it in hindsight, but you expect the club to do it through clairvoyance!!

      You either have a very short memory, or a total lack of understanding of what happened last season. It was individual errors that knocked us out of the playoffs. If only Casilla had stayed on his line, we might have been approaching the final. AND THAT WAS OUR INVESTMENT!!!!!

      I don’t even agree with you about Casilla – he’s clearly worse than BPF.

      People called out for a new ‘keeper & they got one. Perhaps people will be more careful about what they wish for in future!

  • Wonder what the rules are on this practice? I suspect that there is no regulation whatsoever.

    Perhaps we could challenge it by selling a club asset – say a used match football – to a sister company for £80m. Wonder if that would get the officials’ attention?

    Well, definitely if Leeds did it, prolly with a £200m fine & 25 points deducted for each of the next 10 seasons, but I’m not so sure they’d act on any other club doing it.

    • Closest I can tell is it falls under the set of regs designed to ensure the ‘spirit’ is upheld. A ground can be sold and leased back but the stipulation seems to be on ‘linked’ deals and the linked deal has to be at market value – ergo a price that a non linked company would’ve paid on the same deal.

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