Date: 31st July 2019 at 8:00pm
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The club has done well with nostalgia recently.

With it being the centenary year, things have been kicked up a notch to mark the celebrations. However, this latest announcement wasn’t anything to do with the 100 years’ celebration.

Whilst it may not be as elaborate as the celebration box, or as fancy as the musical bottle opener (yes it is fancy, not tacky in any way), it was still enough to get Leeds fans reminiscing. A simple tweet was all it took.

Today marks the 73rd birthday of one of the club’s greatest ever players, Allan Clarke. Whilst he played over 300 times for the Whites, his most famous moment came in the 1972 FA Cup final where he scored the winner in a 1-0 victory over Arsenal.

Naturally when presented with the opportunity, fans were never going to miss the opportunity to gush over one of the greats.

Whilst some fans took it merely for the occasion it was, the chance to celebrate one of the best to ever pull on that white famous white jersey, others took the opportunity to have a dig at the current team and their perceived lack of productivity from last year.

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2 Replies to “‘Privileged’, ‘one of the best’: Fans given yet another chance to reminisce thanks to club tweet”

  • Allan Clarke was a brilliant striker but he received a lot of abuse from many ingracious Leeds fans particularly towards the end of his time at Leeds. Such is the lot for footballers I suppose, then and now. I remember Clarke being unceremoniously scythed down in the penalty area by Beckenbauer in Paris. Poised to score only the keeper to beat. Ahh nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.

  • Oh dear, they can’t even spell Allan’s first name right. The club badge for the second time in trying, is still very poor, while the white and grey home kit and the grey and pink away kit, shows how clueless the boneheads really are. That also includes stripping the squad down to practically nothing and still expecting one of the best coaches to get some kind of promotion, with training methods that the very fragile players can’t handle.
    Leeds could certainly do with Clarke now and also a more ambitious owner.

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