Date: 24th January 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Neil O'Donnell

OK, here we go then.

Looks like the knight in shining armour is set to come and save us from the misery that we’re going through right now and deliver us to the promised land.

At least that is the sense that I am getting from Leeds United fans when it comes to Ian Poveda, and after it was announced that he was undergoing a medical at Elland Road yesterday it looks as if Marcelo Bielsa has got two of his three targets through the gate, the other being goalkeeper Elia Caprile. Now we just wait for that final target, and judging by how hard they are chasing after him, it’s safe to assume that the final target is Che Adams.

But back to Poveda, and I get the same feeling about him that I did when Eddie Nketiah signed, and that’s not a good thing.

This is someone that has only got one game of senior football under his belt, and that was against League One side Burton Albion. If this was a deal for the future, with him going into the U23 side and developing from there, I wouldn’t have an issue with it, but with the expectation being that he’ll go into the first-team, we’re taking a huge risk once again.

I wrote when Nketiah came in on deadline day that the move didn’t make sense, that signing an unproven player at senior level as a way of trying to get Leeds United into the Premier League smacked of naivety, and I get the same feeling here. Whilst Nketiah may have been a forward, and Poveda more of a winger, the point remains the same. Putting your faith in such a young and inexperienced player to deliver the expectations of promotion is a huge gamble.

And before anyone gets up in arms, just remember what I said about Nketiah when he first came in:

“It would be too much of a risk, essentially swapping a proven Championship goalscorer and your top scorer from last year for a total unknown at this level.”

Will Poveda just be another Nketiah?





And I was right about that one in the end. So forgive me if I don’t suddenly start reaching for the bunting and proclaiming us as Championship winners just yet.

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