Date: 21st January 2020 at 7:00am
Written by: Neil O'Donnell

I suppose the best way to classify this sort of thing is as a ‘warning shot’.

Because that appears to be the way that Marcelo Bielsa is treating the criticism that his side have been receiving from the fans in recent weeks, which has led to some of them feeling incredibly nervous as the team gets set for the business end of the season.

Speaking after the loss to QPR, Bielsa claimed that fans were well within their rights to criticises the team for the way that they have been playing recently, and that the only way to get them back on their side is to start putting in some good displays:

“Of course, we are in our worst moment in the Championship. We don’t have to ask nothing from the supporters because we are forced to offer them things and try to express ourselves through our play. If we have to explain what we do to change the mind of the supporters it’s not correct. The supporters recognise the good moments of the team, so that means they do a good evaluation of us. After is the relation of result and performance and link that with the way things work.”

Whilst the fan’s comments should come as a bit of a warning shot, perhaps the biggest one should really be the league table, because all of a sudden that top two spot is looking rather perilous compared to previous weeks.

These last few games have shown that this Leeds side are indeed not only vulnerable, but very much beatable.

And with the nerves starting to kick in amongst the fans, it is down to the players and the management to give us something that can give us a reason to start looking up rather than over our shoulders. As he said, the fans know when they see good football, but right now that just isn’t happening.

Will we cope without Phillips?





Whilst his job has been made all the harder by the red card to Kalvin Phillips, if he wants to prove that he is the man that can take us out of this division, now is the time to show us his credentials. And I’m not just talking about performances, now more than ever, there needs to be results with them as well.

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