Date: 3rd July 2019 at 5:20pm
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Just when you thought the Kalvin Phillips rumours had died down for a couple of days, they come bursting back to life.

BBC Sport journalist Adam Pope said on West Yorkshire Sport Daily yesterday, that he thinks it’s very likely Phillips will move Aston Villa this summer, saying that he believes Leeds’ will give in to Villa’s demands, even though he feels Kalvin Phillips doesn’t want to leave the club.

It was discussed earlier on in the programme about how desperate Leeds are for money, and Pope believes that eventually, Leeds’ resolve will break and be forced to sell.

This response did not go down well with Leeds United fans at all. Given how vital he was to United finishing third last year, the prospect of selling him would be disastrous for the club. Leeds fans have been through the ‘selling our best player because we’re desperate money’ phase before, with the infamous fire sale of the early 2000s.

That’s why they took to Twitter to take issue with Adam Pope’s comments. Although it wasn’t so much the comments that got people riled up, it was more the implications and what it would mean for the club, with plenty of vitriol heading the way of owner Andrea Radrizzani and how this would be the final straw in the deteriorating relationship between him and the fans.

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2 Replies to “‘No words’, ‘I’m done’ – Lots of Leeds fans get nervous after revelation by journalist”

  • Stinks. If it happens he has been forced out. AR is a turncoat. Best player by far, priceless and he flogs him. Stuff the lot and stuff Radrizzani. Bring on Qatar, get it over with and sod the lot.

  • If Phillips and Jansson are sold, then don’t expect similar, quality replacements or any kind of replacements, knowing the dithering Orta. – Radrizanni is a total disgrace and is obviously running the squad down to a tiny skeleton staff, which will bottle it once again from January onwards. As usual, all Leeds are interested in is signing 17 year olds for the furture, who will probably be rejected in two years and end up leaving the club for practically nothing, just like O’Connor and Halme and many, many others.

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