Date: 7th August 2019 at 8:30pm
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Bristol City manager Lee Johnson is pretty universally hated by Leeds United fans given his comments, particularly last season when it came to manager Marcelo Bielsa and the Spygate saga, but with the end of season clash against Aston Villa still fresh in the memory where our gaffer instructed the team to let them equalise, I’m not sure Johnson’s stock has risen in the fanbase, but plenty certainly agree with his decision on kicking the ball out of play in 2019/20.

Earlier this week The Guardian confirmed that the Ashton Gate outfit had written to fellow Championship sides to explain that they wouldn’t be voluntarily putting the ball out of play when an injury occurred, and neither did they expect the ball to be put out of play by their opposition – just let the referee decide.

“It’s fine. We sent an email out to the clubs because this happens often. Somebody goes down and sometimes it’s tactical, because people try and gain an advantage and sometimes it’s genuine. So we just decided as a club that we’re going to make a rule for the 46 games that we’re going to let the referee manage the game. So therefore if that’s our player injured or the opposition player injured, there’s a consistency there.”

The eagled eyed will remember Bielsa’s own words ahead of the Derby Play-Off clashes on the subject, so Johnson is hardly being original here.

With that said, he gained plenty of support for the decision on social media.

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