Date: 21st September 2019 at 7:00am
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It’s something that Leeds fans have been crying out for.

It’s something that’s been discussed in the media and it’s even something that the players have discussed as a possibility. Now it looks as if we could be making some progress in that area. I’m talking of course about the prospect of playing both Patrick Bamford and Eddie Nketiah up front together. With Leeds United struggling to convert their chances this season, one of the solutions to the issue is by playing the two front men together rather than leaving Nketiah on the bench.

Now it seems as if head coach Marcelo Bielsa has at least thought about putting the plan into action. Speaking in his press conference on Thursday, Bielsa finally revealed that we could be seeing the two of them playing together in the future:

“He is one of the team options that we have, he is an important player who has an impact and change one match, we are really grateful that we can count on him. Of course he and Bamford give different things to the team but also they can play together.”

So now that Bielsa has finally admitted that it is a possibility that the two of them could play together. My simple message after that is, just do it then. We saw last year how failing to take our chances ended up costing us in the end, so we can’t afford to let the same thing happen twice in succession.

Given how Nketiah is averaging a goal this season and Bamford is our joint-highest scorer (with Nketiah), it only makes sense that we fix one of our biggest problems, something Bielsa even recognises, and finally get ourselves back into the Premier League.

Do you think that this is finally the moment Bielsa realises that he can play the two of them together? Or do you think that he’s still going to bide his time before making it happen?

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6 Replies to “Marcelo Bielsa has breakthrough moment, now he must follow through – Report”

  • I think Bielsa is so shrewd and knowledgeable he knows this could work he would have done all the stats and I think he will utiise both strikers fairly soon but I think Bielsa also understands how he can still use Nkietah as a full impact sub to come on after 50 t0 60 mins and cause teams big problems along with Costa

    • I’m starting to wonder whether Bielsa is the great tactician that many think he is.
      It makes no sense to me to have Premiership quality players sat on the bench, whilst persevering with other player’s who are missing chance after chance and their in front of goal confidence dropping like a lead balloon. In my opinion it’s time to either start Nketiah with Bamford for much needed support, or rest Bamford for a few games. Worryingly yesterday’s performance was what we suffered last year!!

  • Early in the season to try this approach
    Bamford n eddy to start up front, thus giving us youth and experience,could well work

  • It’s about time beilsa woke up and realised Bamford is useless up front on his own he as cost us valuable points with missing chances and he has missed a lot in every match so far and its early in the season still. Nketiah needs to be up front with bamford or bamford on the bench and Nketiah given a start and Costa starting could make a difference too.

    • When is he going to realise that Bamford needs to be dropped. The heads go down because of frustration, they are working themselves into the ground only to be let down up front. Nketier must start every game now,along with Costa.Bamford cannot read the game and his decision making is just terrible,drop him now.

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