Date: 4th June 2011 at 7:15am
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Vital Leeds contributor Huntersboots is back with another rant, this time stronger than ever as he questions the ambition of Leeds United and manager Simon Grayson.

FIFA are OK. Good statement, OK. It means settled with, everything is fine, the status quo is intact.
Mr Blatter is OK. Surrounded by yes men, he will do anything to keep his job, when all beneath him have no ambition; Blatter merely promises them a position and a wage to tuck in behind his coat tails. (Is this familiar, closer to home at LUFC?)

Well, everything is OK in planet football. Mr Bates echoes the same premise, ‘do as I say’ and everything will be OK. The staff and Mr Grayson follow. The fans though, hopefully, can see through this transparent rhetoric but alas agree it is OK for now. “We need to consolidate. “Let`s survive this season and go up next year stronger.’ Damn, Bates has infiltrated everyone, are the Leeds fans really believing this drivel?

Sometimes however things are not always as OK as it seems. Sometimes a voice from the dark shouts enough is enough and the autocrat, Blatter, or in a football club’s case the plutocrat is in danger of under-mining. A collapse of regime will surely happen, won’t it?

As maybe in the case of Barnsley, probably the undermining is underway. The mining industry has disappeared in South Yorkshire lately but a man of ambition stood on firm ground for one of its football clubs, it was probably a little cold in Barnsley last month, but the boardroom was white hot with the resignation of Mark Robins.

Here is a man that has done wonders for the club, he ran it on a shoestring, to be in the Championship was Barnsley’s nadir after glorious Premiership history but at least they were stable, they were OK. Grayson has a similar story, he rescued Leeds on a shoestring and gave them Championship stability. For Robins that was not OK, he gave up his job, his lifestyle, his ambition and the limelight, he proffered: ‘I love the club and the fans, those, however, with no football ambition in the boardroom are stifling the club.’ You see, like Grayson he is a true football man, he is OK.

Mr Grayson adores Leeds United, doesn’t he, he is OK? He truly loves the club he guides of course. There is no doubt, but has he the courage of Robins?

OK, Beckford left the club a prolific striker (well, 3rd division). Brads and Killa are going, ( more 3rd div mediocrity to many) but apart from that, apart from the talented youngsters (Delph etc) leaving, apart from the fact Leeds United only have loan signing money, apart from everything else that’s wrong, no, rotten to the core, the Leeds United manager silently ‘sanctioned’ the lot as ‘moving on.` All is OK to Mr Grayson.

Well, Mr Grayson, It’s employees like you that keep Mr Bates, Mr. Blatter and Mr Barnsley Chairman in Power, it’s the Mr Robins of this world that put a spanner in the works. Grayson, you will never be a roundhead, a Luddite, or a ‘peasants’ revolt leader. If Simon Grayson had real ambition, absolute football ambition for Leeds United he would have walked. He would have got the natives restless and undermined the Bates lack of football ambition, he would have helped to save the club, ultimately; Mr Grayson so much power is in your hands! Grayson should be angry his beloved club have no ambition. ‘Grayson is a fool`.

It is sad that Grayson, who champions thirty thousand loyalists to him is nothing more than a puppet to an offshore, financial parasitical football club predator. You see, Mr. Bates, Mr Blatter and the rest rely on the misguided ambitions of the Mr Grayson`s’, their loyalty is clearly worth millions to those with no football ambitions. If Grayson were a true loyal Leeds fan he would spill the beans on all the lack of ambition the shareholders aspire to.

No problem though for the footballing proletariat, Mr Grayson is already planning the next campaign of freebies, after all Ken’s yacht needs a refit. Ambition? That’s too expensive, no; everything is OK thankyou with Mr Grayson at the helm of Leeds United, OK.

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