Date: 15th September 2010 at 8:14pm
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After reporting on our win over Swansea City on Saturday, Paulj82 was again in the hot seat for Tuesday night`s game with Barnsley.

Unfortunately, this time Leeds put in a poor performance and were sunk 5-2.

So here are Paul`s views.

Why did I say I would do this? You can probably imagine I wasn’t a happy chap last night, stuck in traffic for ages trying to get out of the hole they call Barnsley!!

Three minutes on the clock and everything looked good, we was passing the ball well. For around ten minutes, I’d say we was dominating them in the middle and should have been 2-0 to the good.

After this we was doing the simple things wrong, we couldn’t pass the bag of wind, I mean ball. Look I’m on my rant now I’ll be getting banned!

Ok I’ll do the team now.

Higgs 3
Made some good saves but his positioning oh dear! Possibly me being harsh but I think he should do better with three of the goals! I have not seen the goals on TV yet so I could be wrong but doubt it!

Bessone 1
His fault we didn’t go into the break in the lead. Worst left back I have ever seen in a Leeds shirt!
He had plenty of time to get rid of the ball, so frustrating!
I will be shocked if he’s seen in a shirt again. He will not make the bench on Friday and maybe not again! He’s always to close to the centre half never on the left, I’d release him today!

Collins 4
had a poor game, capped off with an own goal and Hammill walked past him like he weren’t there for their fifth. Did a couple of blocks but as the team was under so much pressure he looked nervy.

Naylor 2
The guy is garbage, he doesn’t know what a team player is! Hoofs the ball out or passes to opposition. Less said about his performance the better.

Connolly 5
Best player at the back by a long way, then picked up an injury just after it was 3-1. Looked like his hamstring so hopefully it isn`t too bad, the last goal especially could have been blocked if he was fit, however it wouldn’t have changed much!

Sam 5
Tried hard but was on the back foot more than he should be. Needs to add some extra defending to his game.

Howson 3
Should be dropped also, for ten minutes or so he looked inspired! Looked like a man on a mission, then after that I haven`t a clue! Lost his way totally, probably the worst person for the attacking role in the game.

Kilkenny 4
Tried but not his role, Larry drop him or put him in the attacking role. He does not suit the defensive role. His passing went wayward in second half as he was trying to do long balls!
He’s a passing player and nobody wanted the ball in middle of park.

Johnson 4
A left winger, nice one again Larry!!! We have wingers and Johnson is not one, I feel sorry for him as it isn`t t his fault, he should be in the middle if he’s going to insist on playing him!

Becchio 5
Tried as ever, missed an easy chance to make it 2-0, which could have changed the game totally in our favour.

Gradel 4
This guy is hot and cold for me.
He was cold last night, useless, didn’t do much right at all.


Hughes 3

Did nothing as per usual, I like the guys effort but a championship player, really??

McCormack 5
Tried hard to get forward, but we didn’t do much going forward as a team to be honest!

Somma 7 Star Man
Only positive to take from the game is this lad, I expect him to start on Friday.


So overall, not the greatest night, we were battered in a Yorkshire derby and battered well.

So time to look forward two more derbies and let’s get back on track.

One thing about the Leeds crowd, excellent, they still sang even at 5-1 down. Same can’t be said about Barnsley fans! Most of us fans stayed behind and even clapped the team off.

Three points on Friday is a must now.

Thanks once again for your very strong views Paul.

If you would like to be considered for doing the fans view for away games then please send me a PM on the forum.

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