Date: 29th February 2012 at 2:58pm
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Leeds United chairman Ken Bates has taken another swipe at Leeds fans organisation L.U.S.T saying they are nothing more than an irritant and a nuisance.

A group of supporters who want to have an independent voice has formed the group to express their opinions on the way the football club is being run.

They recently organised a march prior to the Brighton and Hove Albion home game to express their campaign for change inside the football club.

Bates who feels they are contributing nothing, but still feels he must mention them in his weekly interview on Yorkshire Radio said, “First of all they are not making any impact at all, except for in their own minds. The way they are behaving is most peculiar and frankly, they are making no impression on the club.

“The only impression they are making is a bad one and that is externally from would be sponsors and maybe investors so who would want to get involved in a mob like that.

“They make these open statements to the world and then promptly send them to all major newspaper columns that basically have a laugh and spite them.

“Martin Samuel from the Daily Mail took their claims, analysed them and pointed out that according to them, without justification or substantiation, 120 people voted for a march and 80% didn`t, well so what. We had observers at the last march who were mostly kids. When they were asked why they were there, they said, ‘for a lark,` well that sums it up. It doesn`t make any impression on the management and it doesn`t make any impression on the directors of the club. They just make themselves a nuisance.

“We are getting to the stage now where we are getting an 8 year old girl and a nine year old boy writing to me saying, `take no notice of the rudeness,` that is all it is. Of course, they can hand it out but they cannot take it.

“When they are all chanting rude things about me but when I call them morons they are most offended and upset, they say ‘how dare he`. Well if you can`t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

“They have nothing to offer and they make no contribution and they just as a very small bunch, a self-appointed, self-important people who are an irritant to the overwhelming majority of Leeds fans who want to get on with supporting their club.

“At the moment they are just a bunch of hurray henry`s who are making no impression and give the club a bad name and all that will happen is, if the away clubs fear there will be demonstrations or shouting and balling. They will just cut our ticket allocation, so it is another way the good fans suffer for the idiocy of the few.

“I should mention the chairman, a Mr Gary Cooper. I understand he is an I.T Technician so he has never run a business, make a profit or be accountable.

“He didn`t come to a game last season. He bought a season ticket this season and he has stated he will not renew next year, so who does he think he is? Who do you think he represents and who do you think he speaks for? Nobody except himself.

“The another member of the so-called board lives in America and according to our computer records, in his own name, he has only come to two games in the past six years and they were both Play-off semi-finals. So there is loyal support for you. Forget L.U.S.T, most people are doing that anyway.”

Do you agree with Ken Bates or are you fully behind the L.U.ST organisation?

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