Date: 13th September 2018 at 7:33am
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Typically I was offline and otherwise engaged on Tuesday when this news broke, and I appreciate some may well take a pop, but I’m entitled to give my two-penneth worth on news that Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford now faces four months on the sidelines with a Posterior Cruciate Ligament injury.

The 25-year-old came in over the summer from Middlesbrough for a reported rising £7million fee and he has only made two starts in the EFL Cup, with a return of one goal, for us given the form of Kemar Roofe in particular. He has featured in our bright start to life in the Championship of 2018/19 though, with five substitute appearances.

He sustained the injury during last Friday’s game against Bristol City as we hosted them in Under 23 competition at Elland Road and obviously the news is disappointing for all.

Having rightly been wished well on social media, my take on it is it’s obviously a blow for the club and not just the player. He’s trying to get life up and running with us and this is the last thing he needed, but there’s an element of perspective here. Out of all of the knee injuries he could’ve sustained, this is actually one of the better ones to my understanding. Four months might be a long time in life generally, but four months isn’t ten months, it’s not 12 months.

We haven’t lost him for the season and for that we should be thankful I feel.

For those paying attention to social media, I don’t get those fans who took it as an opportunity to dig at the club or manager Marcelo Bielsa for having the temerity to play him at Under 23 level. To get the best out of any player they need games, confidence and minutes under their belt. Training is not enough to be match sharp and some of the comments on the above Tweet make me shudder…real life is not a computer game, some fans don’t seem to realise that obviously.

If he was determined to make a success of his move to Leeds to begin with, he’ll double down now and come back even stronger and that benefits us and him further down the line.

With some concerns about Bielsa’s style of play and whether players can give that much over the course of an entire season, Bamford could actually come back to full fitness at just the right time if those concerns prove to be true.


3 Replies to “Leeds Suffer A Blow Yes, But It Could’ve Been Worse & The Small Minded Criticism On The Back Is Amazing”

  • “. Four months might be a long time in life generally, but four months isn’t ten months, it’s not 12 months.”
    It half a season you plonker and stop attacking those who have a legitimate concern for our season. Those who disagree with Bielsa on this issue have every right to feel worried so stop this “you must agree with everything that manager does or else”
    Football is like democracy you have different opinions and different of agreements..nothing wrong in that as long the disagreements is valid or a reasonable point..
    My own feeling is that e should have added an experienced striker for cover..i think Bielsa probably realized this now but out of pride won’t admit he made a mistake ..Managers are not perfect and do make mistakes,we allow them that but managers have to correct any mistakes..That the point.

    • Cheers, you proved the point. It’s not a season and if it had been Anterior it would’ve been worse so I’m glad you agree. I’m also not sure where you got Bielsa=God from…I think he’s happy turning to youth whether that’s Roberts, Edmondson or someone else as cover. If you’d bothered looking, you’d have got the criticism I referenced on social media – I’ve no problems with those with genuine concerns.

  • Football is not a democracy and although everyone is entitled to their opinion there is only one that matters. Of course the owners dictate the spending and their might have been a situation where instead of getting Bamford in we might have bought two “lesser” talented forwards in. If Heckingbottom had stayed on, and personally I had nothing against the bloke, our strike force may have been Roofe, Roberts, Ecuban and a signing like McBurnie, so if McBurnie had got injured people still would have been moaning about the situation. Sometime you have to give the youngsters ago otherwise you will never know how good they are. One more thing, if we lose to Millwall its not the end of the world.

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