Date: 24th July 2019 at 6:30am
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Oh Leeds, you never cease to amaze me.

Leeds have reportedly entered the chase to sign West Ham United’s Jordan Hugill, according to The Daily Star.

Does this possibly mean that Kemar Roofe’s injury is worse than was initially suspected? Or is this purely to add another body to the roster in preparing for the long Championship season ahead.

Leeds already have a very good potent pair of strikers at the Championship level, as Patrick Bamford and Kemar Roofe showed last year, when they scored nine and fourteen goals respectively.

Would a signing like Jordan Hugill purely be overkill? Or perhaps a case of hoarding him to one side so that other teams don’t come in for him? Whilst it is important to have depth at this level, I fear that this may be one man too many.

Leeds last year played predominantly with one man up top last year. Whether that was in a 4-2-3-1 formation, or a 4-1-4-1. If you were playing a formation with two men up top, let’s say Roofe and Bamford with Hugill on the bench, then you could make an argument for signing Hugill to add to the rotation and to fill in if someone is injured or suspended.

However, if you have three men fighting for one space, then that is going to lead to problems down the line when someone doesn’t get as much game time as they feel they should be getting. And when you throw in the likes of Tyler Roberts, Mateusz Bogusz and Rafa Mujica as well into the equation, and it could be a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Plus when you look at it, his record in the Championship isn’t exactly anything to write home about, 29 goals in 137 games is worse than 1 in 4, and even those stats are padded by one good season he had in 2016/17 where he got 12 goals. Is it really worth breaking the bank for someone who is valued at £5.40m, that can’t guarantee you more than ten goals a season?

In my mind, this is a move that Leeds United need to back out of quickly. That money could be better used somewhere else, like finding a centre back to replace Pontus Jansson.

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10 Replies to “Leeds looking in wrong places again as Premier League forward is linked to Elland Road – Report”

  • Totally agree, victor orta is as useless from the day he joined Leeds as director of football, why do we supporters waste our hard earned money when we don’t get nothing back? Fed up with the three wise monkeys, Radrizzani , orta,and Kinnear . They seem to think Helder costa is going to take Leeds up on his own, the problem is in defence, need new keeper, two solid centre backs and a quality left back. Kasilla Berardi Cooper Douglas crap.

    • We don’t get nothing.

      We get silly stories about Bielsa (really Radrizzani) being happy with the squad he’s got – so no need for new signings ! Of course. Just what Bielsa wants of course.

      Daft tales of continuity being the key.

      We were probably, or definitely statistically the worst team in the division over the last third of last season before we got hammered in the semi finals.

      And child-like bedtime stories from Angus and the other half-wit who opened his mouth without having any idea what he was saying in Australia.

      It’s reached the stage were its obvious Radrizzani is protecting his own personal financial interests while hoping Leeds will provide him with a misguided lottery grab at promotion to the Prem.

      Which is definitely and mist certainly not happening for him.

      But he’s squirreled enough from player sales for himself fo feel ok about Himself in the long run.

  • not many good points to say about lufc makes me wonder where you are actually coming from

    but agree about cooper


    • Replying to Paul Ibbotson, put it this way, when you have supported Leeds for nearly 50 years, 49 to be precise , you would be as frustrated as I and many Leeds supporters, fed up with all this shit, all it takes is one owner with ambition and we would be back up, Leeds are bigger than most teams that get promoted, difference is, they show more ambition.

  • Always get the feeling the Clarke, Pontus and Saiz money is tucked away into a special ‘one last fling at promotion before the owner nicks off with the cah’ fund

    Minus the fling at promotion bit.

    He’s going to get 2 loanees in, flog Pontus without a replacement (and there’s even the Ekuban money toi which like everything else never seems to see the light of day. ‘

    Then the next owner, after the non-attempt at promotion has to stick his hand into his pocket for 15 mill for Costa before he starts, watch Roofe’s contract run out and see off Hernandez’ retitirement.

    Where is any investmestmwnt of the Clarke, Pontus, Saiz and Ekuban sales?

    In the owners private, very long pocket of course.

  • The reason why they are tight with the money is down to ffp they cant really send this year thats why they are selling and slashing the wage budget to ensure we dont end up like Birmingham the guy going on about lack of ambition well going out and getting bielsa in the first place is that really a lack of ambition? The truth is raz isnt made of money he cant bank roll us every year and due to ffp it is harder for us to spend as we cant fiddle the books like all the top clubs do with big “sponsorship deals” there are too many deluded fans out there thinking we are still that big club we are in the sence of fanbase stadium training facilities etc but the playing squad isnt we have been away far too long the money isnt there to compete esp as every season a team comes down with 100 million in the bank we overachieved last season and unfortunately we may not be as hgoood this year its time to look at the bigger picture and realise what we really are a playoff contender at best

    • I think you’ve come up with a fairly realistic analysis of where Leeds are at Nick.

      The FFP doesn’t actually come into it with Leeds though except as fairy tales from the club to hide other things that are really there.

  • Can’t really comment as the window is still open but with roof out definitely need at least one top quality,striker fell short last season due to lack of conversion are they stupid enough to make the same mistake twice surely not will have to wait and see

    • I am 100% behind them keeping the sale of players money aside to use on people like Ben Gibson.

      And letting Edmonson take up that bit of financial strain on the club’s resources.

      Edmonson, like Clarke is going to go to very good places in this game he plays.

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