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Kalvin Phillips: Family was catalyst behind switch

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LeedsLive reports on the reasons behind Kalvin Phillips decision to leave Leeds United this summer.

The switch to Manchester City was a bittersweet moment for Leeds fans, it felt like a relative departing for a better life across the globe. We wish them well, but ultimately, we never want them to leave. Kalvin has spoken about the switch and the main reasons behind the move was his family, and not throwing away the chance of a lifetime.

He said “I always try to keep my family close whenever I’m making any decision in football. And I think the first time that I told them about Manchester City, most of my family members didn’t believe me.”

“When it came to life, my mum, brothers and sisters were like, ‘it’s something you need to do, you need to test yourself and it’s something that you need to try and achieve. You need to try and win trophies, but also become a better player.”

“As soon as they said that, it was eye-opening. It is something I need to do and the players and staff at Leeds and the fans have accepted it really well, the Leeds fans have been amazing, as they have been my whole career. They’re my family, they understand it a lot more than other people do.”

When asked about the reports that City were interested he said “The fact that they are managed by obviously one of the best managers in the world, it was a no-brainer when there were reports that City were interested.”

“It was the only team that I was ever going to come to if I left Leeds. I’d heard that all the lads are very good lads and I know the England lads really well.”

“They want to win as many trophies as possible, but the main thing was to be managed by Pep and try and learn as much as I can. It feels like I’m home already. It feels like I’m in a team that regards me as one of their own.”

What do fans think, was it the right time to let Phillips leave or should the club have tried to convince him to stay at Elland Road? Let us know in the comments.

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