Date: 8th July 2018 at 8:00pm
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With the Sun reporting that we’re interested in Jordan Hugill, we can again get excited about the prospect of another top forward coming to the club.

Of course, we’ll have to express caution too because, as we’ve seen, a link can mean nothing but even so Hugill is a player that would improve our side.

And, helpfully, Phil Hay has confirmed that he is available in a conversation with fans on Twitter who asked about the striker:

A loan deal would surely suit us fine with him capable of scoring for fun at this level.

We’ve not been great in the window so far, though, so let’s try and see this one through.

The Verdict

Hugill would be a fine arrival and one I’d like to see even if it is only on loan.

He scored goals easily at Preston as well as leading the line superbly and, as he is available, we should really look to try and get after him.


3 Replies to “Journalist confirms attacker availability”

  • We are linked with every player that’s mentioned in the media, either by someone’s unscrupulous agent or stirring reporters.But this manager we’ve got now will only have who he wants and not what other people want him to have, that’s why i can’t understand the same half a dozen doom and gloom merchants criticising everything the club does, because if they can get the right players in they will do. There’s no bad intentions but sometimes things just don’t work out for the best, if we got Messi and Naymar there’d be something wrong or we’ve spent too much money, by the same people who say we won’t spend any money MOT ALAW .

  • Good comments but its clear we need quality signings especially up front and loans are no good we need stability in staff and 1 year loans are no good and time is now running out get the deals done and let the gaffer get on with his job

  • True coment i totally agree with you, i don’t mind loan signings of quality players or players with true potential and a good chance of signing them on full time at the end of the loan. But if that’s the only way we can get them to come so be it, because at the end of the day it’s up to us to make them so welcome they don’t want to leave, getting on their backs at the slightest mistake is no good, and it happens you know that mate. If you take notice of our home grown talent they can all walk into the first team and feel comfortable and we give em confidence even if they do make mistakes, We are a Massive club and you have to feel for the new players that come in, most of them are overawed and as nervous as hell and l don’t suppose many have seen or heard a crowd as passionate as at LS 11 .
    It can and does affect them, so i hope the fans that get on their backs just give way a bit more, I’ve said it to a lot of my mates i have never been as confident and relaxed since this owner took over, i know he’s new to the game but i believe if it’s not right this guy will make it right but we will still have the moaners that just do it automatically , i have seen all the good times and over the last few years I’ve definitely seen all the not so good times, I’m not being disrespectful or big headed but we are not your Burnley’s or Wigan’s or all the other yo yo teams like the de dahs and Hulls, if we go up we’ve got to stay up, and it’s up to these guys to see it through which i think they will , when he took over he said it was a 5 year plan which everyone was happy with and then they wanted it done in 5 minutes, they wanted the ground back which he did, and i think that was a great gesture but the mony moaners then said he should have spent it on players coz he hadn’t even spent non of his own money LOL. I’m sorry but i just can’t put half a dozen words together and answer one item because i think there’s a lot of things that want saying so i might be answering all the other comments at once , which suits me and i hope it suits anyone concerned. MOT ALAW.

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