Date: 30th July 2018 at 5:00pm
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Sampdoria have tabled a multi-million pound bid for Ronaldo Vieira and the right course of action from Leeds would be to accept it.

The Yorkshire Evening Post and Phil Hay have run this story and, personally, I think it is time we let the player go:

Make no mistake, I think he could be a real star and I like him a lot but, at the same time, he does not appear at the forefront of Bielsa’s plans.

Indeed, though I think he could be good, there’s also a good case to suggest that he’s not consistent enough to really make it at the top and if the bid is well in the millions, we should accept.

It’s not like he’s proven himself year in year out. He had a good campaign under Monk but struggled last season and therefore we wouldn’t be definitely making a mistake here.

Sometimes, you’ve got to go on what you know instead of predicting the future and though I’ll be sad to see him go, it is the right thing to do.


4 Replies to “It might be a risk, but Leeds should let this man go”

  • How much did we regret losing Lewis Cook, in my opinion losing Vierra would be even worse. His potential based upon what he has achieved so far, is enormous. Even £10 million should not temp us.

      • why not just sell Phillips, and play Vieira where Phillips been playing. in the DM/CB role.
        same height, but better potential.

  • I agree with Iain, unless they make a stupid bid Viera is not for sale, for once we have a young player with massive potential who doesn’t want to leave so let’s keep him and show some ambition.

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