Date: 26th July 2019 at 10:00am
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This is possibly one of the weirdest stories that will have been written about Leeds United in recent times.

And bearing in mind this is the same club that got rid of a player for superstitious reasons.

Leeds have been doing a few things recently to celebrate their centenary year. You’ve got the commemorative kit which was a nice touch. The new Centenary Square which will give fans the chance to put their names alongside club heroes of the past.

And the most recent one has been a centenary gift pack that is in the process of being sent out along with season tickets, so if you haven’t got yours yet, don’t worry it’s on the way. The pack contains a few basic things like a scarf, bumper-sticker, keyring and a pen. Normal things. And the fans have taken a liking to it.

However, the presence of one particular item has been getting quite a lot of attention on social media. The presence of, and I can’t believe I’m typing this, a musical bottle opener. I mean, there are unique ways to mark an occasion, and then there’s this. Whether they actually do like it, or are just really good at sarcasm, these Leeds fans seemingly can’t get enough of it.

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