Date: 10th October 2019 at 8:15pm
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With Gaetano Berardi’s ridiculous sending off last weekend as we were defeated by Millwall, there’s certainly been plenty of fallout in the Leeds United fanbase when it comes to inherent unfairness in the EFL system.

The straight red card was subsequently rescinded but a many fans quickly noted at the time, there was no follow on punishment for Tom Bradshaw in the manner that their had been for Patrick Bamford after the Aston Villa incident.

I made a comment myself that the rules had changed so there wasn’t a double punishment on a penalty situation in the game, and that point seemed to confuse former player Danny Mills as he addressed the issue this week.

“I didn’t understand it. I thought the double jeopardy rule had gone – I thought if you were making a deliberate attempt for the ball or it wasn’t deliberate act to bring somebody down, then it’s just a penalty. I don’t understand where the red card’s come from. It’s easy to say he lacks discipline and this, that and the other but in this case, he was just unfortunate. I think the red card wasn’t warranted, it wasn’t necessary. What I would like, what I’m sure everybody would like, is an explanation as to why he was sent off. What, under the laws of the game, did the referee decide was a red card offence? That would be most impressive to hear, but don’t hold your breath.”

Mills is spot on really, the lack of clarity and explanation from the independent Regulatory Commission, given so many former professional referees differ in their opinions on the ‘foul’, is a massive problem moving forward and it’ll only foster the ‘one rule for them, another for us’ outlook that many fans have.

If there was no contact, it’s deception. If there was contact, surely it’s a foul?

It can’t be both ways, as they seem to want it.

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