Date: 7th February 2020 at 12:00pm
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‘Carlos & Marcelo, you’ve got some splaining to do’

I’m 90% sure that’s essentially what Danny Mills was trying to stay on the subject matter, he just decided to take a lot more words to say it.

The decision to rest new signing Jean-Kevin Augustin against Wigan Athletic is clearly a subject that has touched a nerve with those associated with the club, because the ramifications of it are still being discussed.

And the decision to then let him play against Sheffield Wednesday for Carlos Corberan’s U23 side simply raised further questions. Speaking to Football Insider, Mills tore into the management at Elland Road for the way they handled the situation:

“It’s strange, isn’t it, that Bielsa’s said he’s not up to speed, he’s not quite match fit but we’re only going to play him for 45 minutes. He wasn’t able to be put on the bench, he wasn’t considered fit enough or ready enough to be on the bench and then he’s only given 45 minutes in an under-23 game – I don’t understand sometimes. Bielsa – huge respect… but you’ve got to put the ball in the back of the net. There has to be a plan B.”

What makes the whole thing even more bizarre is that Augustin was playing quite recently when with Monaco, so his fitness can’t be that far off what you would expect it to be, so this molly-coddling of him makes less and less sense the more you think about it.

The defeat against Wigan, just like last year could end up having a huge effect on the way the rest of our season goes, and if he continues to take the cautious approach throughout the rest of the season, then it’s all the more possible we end up ‘falling apart’ again.

This is not the time to be playing it safe. With so much at stake we have to take risks, and in my mind, twenty minutes against Wigan would have been far better than 45 minutes against Sheffield Wednesday’s U23 side.

Was Bielsa wrong to leave Augustin out vs Wigan?





Because that way, we may have got a goal and a point out of the game rather than being left both empty-handed and with a mountain of questions.

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