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How busy have Leeds United been in the transfer market?

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Leeds net spend in the transfer market since Premier League promotion, as per LeedsUnitedYEP on Twitter makes very interesting reading.

They have compiled a list to see how Leeds United compare with Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and more.  The numbers are taken from Transfermarkt and used to finalise Leeds United’s net spend since they were promoted to the top flight in 2020, subtracting any transfer fees received from the total they have paid out since then.

Leeds sit at 19th place with expenditure at £201.19m, and income at £0, meaning the net spend is £201.19m.  Astonishing numbers compared to teams in the top six with Manchester City’s expenditure £330.12m, income £161.06m and net spend is £169.07m, Chelsea at expenditure £328.68m, Income £159.39m and net spend, £169.29m.  Liverpool are at expenditure £229.9m, Income £78.98m, and their net spend is £150.92m.

Only Arsenal have spent more than The Whites with statistics of expenditure £268.45m, income £58.28, and net spend £210.18m.  Bournemouth are the lowest with figures of expenditure £11.38m, income, £108.41m and net spend +£97.03.

The list shows every Premier League clubs ranking from lowest to highest spends and some are truly staggering.  We all know Leeds have been very active in the transfer market already with the captures of Brendan Aaronson, Rasmus Kristensen and Marc Roca.  They look to be doing even more business before the season starts in August, and with the futures of Kalvin Phillips and Raphinha still to be resolved, it looks to be a busy summer for Victor Orta, Andrea Radrizzani and Leeds United.

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