Date: 16th January 2019 at 6:13pm
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Earlier this evening Leeds United announced unexpectedly that manager Marcelo Bielsa would be holding a press conference to discuss what we now lovingly call ‘Spygate’.

With most Leeds fans bored of the topic given the words of idiot pundits and the current investigations into something to which no rule was broken, the announcement created a sense of doom, especially given the headlines it created.

Legend Pontus Jansson quickly allayed those fears as he took to social media to laugh at the resignation claims, and as more information became available – this was going to be special.

Bielsa attended with a Powerpoint presentation and he wasn’t alone…all of his coaching staff were in attendance and he basically opened with:

Headlines created already – he’s been spying all season!

Click Here for the Yorkshire Evening Posts’ live coverage – they deserve a click as I was following Phil Hay’s feed for updates myself!

He proceeded to respectfully point out he wasn’t going to attack or criticise others (some should look in the mirror) and in repeating it wasn’t illegal and commonplace for him, whilst accepting it wasn’t in England (despite all those who have admitted it goes on regularly).

His explanation for me was clear, concise, completely understandable and he admitted itself, whilst formations, tactics, lineup information can help – it doesn’t actually change the final score because you cannot ‘build a project to neutralise the opponent’. The players still have to work, not make errors (impossible) and so on, which I’m sure every normal fan appreciates.

You can plan, you can advise, you can warn about scenarios – but if you foul up no amount of planning changes that.

And again, ultimately, it’s not actually against the rules or in Bielsa’s words, ‘I thought I wasn’t violating a normal thing’.

I’ll leave the Powerpoint info about Derby to the link as some won’t be interested, but I found it fascinating that so much effort goes into ultimately, something that can technically be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

The whole tactics and background info thing led to a restating of one early comment that sending someone to the training ground was just being thorough.

“I don’t need to go to watch a training session of an opponent to know how the opponent plays.
Why do I go? Because it is not against the rules and I didn’t know it would cause such an issue.”

Wow. I am blown away by the honesty, detail and he hasn’t even finished yet.

I need food, I’m not sure I can add anything to this and as said, it isn’t over yet.

All this effort, time, trouble, eye to details that he admits himself don’t really change anything all to ‘ease my anxiety’.

Some in football should be hanging their heads and typing up their apologies as this is maybe an explanation as to why some in the game value Bielsa so highly.

You can bet your bottom dollar other managers who don’t know him will be hitting F5 on their keyboards to ensure they don’t miss a reveal!

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