Date: 26th March 2020 at 7:35pm
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Earlier this week, Phil Hay took part in his latest Q&A with the Athletic, where he focused questions especially on Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa.

The Whites boss has been at the club nearly two years and, once the season hopefully resumes, the idea will be that he celebrates the milestone with a return to the Premier League.

Either way, there will be question marks over a manager that is loved by the club but that repeatedly has speculation over his future just because of who he is.

If things aren’t perfect, he has been known to simply walk out and, therefore, Leeds can’t risk upsetting the apple cart, which is why the talk of a takeover from QSI will generate a sense of the unknown.

Indeed, Hay was asked whether a takeover would upset Bielsa at all with the idea being that it could unhinge the control he has at the club.

But, Hay revealed there’s a good chance that, as long as the potential new owners don’t start getting into matters they probably shouldn’t, the Argentine would stay:

“I don’t think money would be the key factor for [Bielsa]. As long as he felt he could work with a new owner and have a transfer system which suited his needs, I’m sure he’d be content.

“If he was being told who to sign or to take players for big fees simply to make headlines then it wouldn’t sit comfortably with him. But anyone employing Bielsa should know what he expects of them.”

Will Bielsa be at Leeds next season?





For all his complex strategies and in-depth tactics, Bielsa is a simple man when it comes to principles.

He likes to be left to do his job to his very best level, he likes loyalty and he wants the trust of those he works with, as well as feeling as though he can trust them.

With the job he has done so far and over his career, he deserves all of the above and the owners would be fools to undermine him, they’d certainly have an issue on their hands with winning the fans over thereafter.

It seems, then, there’s a fair chance Bielsa will stay put, even if the takeover does happen.

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