Date: 29th July 2019 at 7:30pm
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These transfers are never straight forward are they?

Reports a few weeks ago from The Northern Echo suggested that Leeds were interested in bringing Burnley defender Ben Gibson to Elland Road. The 26-year-old defender only joined the Clarets a year ago but looks set to depart Turf Moor already.

I wrote at the time that this would be a great move for Leeds United to make. Seeing as Pontus Jansson’s place in the heart of defence has still not been filled, a move for someone who has got experience in getting teams promoted would be a fantastic addition to a side that came so close last year but just couldn’t get the job done, just like Gibson did at Middlesbrough.

Those plans though have hit a bump in the road. According to The Mirror (via HITC), his former club are also interested in making a move for him. The North East side appointed Jonathan Woodgate as head coach over the summer, and according to The Teesside Gazette, Woodgate is something of an inspiration to Gibson, having seen him as a mentor when he was coming through the academy at The Riverside.

This is why I have said in previous posts the Leeds needed to get their business done as soon as possible and let other sides do the panicking. This is the sort of move that should have been set in motion the day after Pontus Jansson departed for Brentford. Now they face the prospect of losing out on someone to a team that could be in contention with them for promotion.

With Middlesbrough finishing in the top seven in each of the last two seasons, they’ve shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in this division, and Leeds could have just handed them a key man in the fight to go up by not acting fast enough.

This is just the latest incident in a string of offenses that Marcelo Bielsa has committed this pre-season in getting his team prepared, or un-prepared depending on your view of things and hopefully this doesn’t end up coming back to bite the Argentinian. There are plenty of other teams interested in him, including some Premier League sides which would take the sting out of it somewhat, but Leeds cannot afford to let a target like this slip away from them, particularly if it’s to a promotion rival.

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11 Replies to “Have Leeds’ plans been sent into meltdown with latest twist over defender? – Report”

  • I for one never believed that we were going to buy Ben Gibson as our chairman has no real interest in spending any money, he just likes to sell our best young player Clarke and give away the best defender in the championship for a paltry £5.5 mill leaving us with no central defence cover. Well guess we can look forward to another season in the championship as Bielsa is a brilliant coach but he is not a miracle worker.

    • Andrea Radrizzani has a constipated wallet. His policy is to buy younsters and ‘fatten’ them up for selling on for a profit that goes straight out of the club. He and his chosen board members have no interest in football and especially not the fans. Notts Forest fans complained about the ticket prices when they come to Leeds – they are right. Radrizzani is ripping off the fans of every club Leeds play. Time we had a genuine owner that is prepared to give full financial support to Leeds football club and reward the loyal fans with promotion; and keep them in the premiership.

      • I for one am sick and tired of Radrizanni and Orta wasting time and money on raw players for the Under 23’s and then they sneak them out of the back door, only one or two years later, because they haven’t been good enough in the first place. The under 23’s are now given a bigger priority than the first team, which is totally wrong. For some reason Radrizanni doesn’t want promotion, but there are still too many Leeds fans who wont hear a word against him and defend him to the hilt and verbally abuse anybody who speaks out against him. For some strange reason, other Leeds forums have stopped having fans giving their opinions since Leeds blew automatic promotion and the play-offs and I wonder why that is ?

        • Other forums have stopped their comments sections and unreasonably restrict fans from commenting which among other things is one way, possibly the only one of forcing the vlub to spend some of the transfer cash on desperately needed players, like the obvious need for a new Centre Back.

          I will bet you anything that Radrizzani is having problems with his other business interests and is using the sale of Leeds players to shore up his personal issues.

  • Spot on cockneywhite. If Gibson signs for another Championship club it would be interesting to know the fees involved for either a loan or permanent deal. Unfortunately there is no transparency from Radrizzani no announcements except for when the season finished and how it was going to be a difficult summer for the club. When you look at what has gone out of the club in terms of transfers to what has come into the club there is a cash surplus. Where has that money gone, not to difficult to work out.

  • I’ve stopped reading this site because there is so much advertising on it. I can’t even see this message as I write it because of a huge advert taking up most of the phone screen.

  • The auther drooled as he went into meltdown because the only two words he knows are drool and meltdown…ive never drooled or gone into meltdown over leeds in my 59 years as a fan

  • Been a fan roughly same amount of time as Shaun Mann and have suffered from the same lack of drooling meltdowns as him. Reality is that it’s the trolls and idiots (and non Leeds fans in disguise) that shout down any genuine (and optimistic) fans; and it’s probably their overuse of personal insults and shouty capital letter swearing that contribute to outlets for their bile being denied them. Whatever the truth about behind the scenes, any objective review of the last few year sees the signing of one of the top coaches in the world, a stadium repurchased and training facilities upgraded – add to this a season of crazy over performance and an exciting style of play and I for one am willing to give Radrizzani and Orta et all the benefit of the doubt.

  • A few sane people commenting here, but sadly, as ever, it’s the rabid clowns who take up the column inches & shout loudest. Every single one seems to be a financial genius & footballing supercoach all rolled into one. Not one has a clue, in actual fact.

    Almost without exception, Championship clubs are selling clubs, and despite that, still running at a loss. We are no exception, being one of the bigger wage payers. And yet the clowns on here & all over social media seem to think there’s a way of passing FFP, even though our expenditure far exceeds our income – and that’s before we SELL players, far less buy some. Then again, they’d probably be delighted with the points deduction. That would give them something else to moan about, for, of course, with their expertise, it would never have happened in their own little airy-fairy worlds.

    Perhaps we should deliberately lose the first 6 games, so we can hear their voices fade as they disappear under whatever rock has been hiding them for the last decade.

    • It’s a not quite right saying that almost without exception all Championship clubs are selling clubs.

      Where did you get that load of rubbish from?

    • Also does Phillip’s 10,000 a week fit in with your notion of being one of the biggest wage payers?

      They’ve remodelled slightly over the last year but their reputation on wage paying has always headed in the other direction.

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