Date: 8th February 2019 at 5:55pm
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In yesterday’s EFL Board meeting, it was known that one topic of conversation would be Leeds United and manager Marcelo Bielsa and the subject we lovingly call Spygate.

With silence yesterday and nobody giving an update, the EFL have released a statement today stating that there are ‘a number of areas that require further exploration and clarification’ so unfortunately for the club it rumbles on, and we can no doubt enjoy another weekend of hand wringing from pundits glorifying their nonsensical opinions.

I guess we can also expect further moans from the eleven clubs who submitted a complaint, especially those who favour the points deduction punishment, for an act which isn’t actually against any EFL rules.

Quite what ‘further exploration’ is required is beyond me as Bielsa has been open and honest from the beginning of this saga, and I have no doubts that the club has clarified everything in the paperwork that was asked from it.

With this already rumbling on for almost a month, although the EFL state that the additional investigations will ‘take place at the earliest opportunity’, it will no doubt be another few weeks of nonsense yet.

Source: Sky Sports.

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3 Replies to ““Further Explanation & Clarification” Required – EFL To Let Spygate Rumble On”

  • Maybe they want to know what make the secateurs were & if they were sharp enough to trim the bushes in a safe manner. Also did he have a brush & pan to clear up his mess as we don’t want the council on our backs as well.

  • This whole situation is pathetic. Leave your front door open, eventually you will get robbed, leave the keys in your car eventually it will be stolen and expect the insurance company to reject your claim. The difference here is both of those involve a crime, however in this instance no crime was committed otherwise the person involved would have been charged by the police.
    Lets view it another way, Dyson is designing so new high tech device where does he do it? in a secure building or in the grounds next to a main road behind a wire fence that anyone can see through.

    If clubs consider their training is secret they should surely take the responsibility to ensure their ground is secure. I worked at a school, the playing field was behind a secure fence and a thick 15ft hedge.

    If I don’t want people looking in my window, I draw the curtains.

    I find it laughable, with all the cheating that goes on on the pitch, diving, grappling, feigning injury to get an a opponent booked or sent off, leg breaking tackles and time wasting and do managers condone this, yes but only when the other team is the guilty party. It is astounding that the FA put this at top of their priority list, deciding to look for a way to interpret the rules in such a way to make it appear a breach of rules have taken place.

  • If, as I really do hope, we are found not guilty of any offence, then the “eleven” clubs who have demanded action, should in turn be deducted points. Apart from Derby, the matter has nothing to do with any of them.

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