Date: 28th July 2019 at 10:30am
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There’s always one player during pre-season that manages to catch people’s eye.

That one man that you either forgot about, possibly because he was on loan somewhere, or the youngster coming through the ranks getting their first taste of senior football.

Well the flavour of this pre-season appears to be 17-year-old Polish midfielder Mateusz Bogusz. His goal against Western Sydney Wanderers last week certainly got the fans talking and he’s even managed to gain the attention of former Leeds player Noel Whelan.

Speaking to Football Insider, Whelan spoke about the young Pole and how his skillset can be a useful asset to the team.

“He has got really good feet, technically he’s very, very good, and you can see that he’s got a delightful strike on him with the goal that he scored. I would not be surprised at all if he made a breakthrough like the other young lads did last season. He’s a real prospect for the future and I think he might have a big part to play this campaign.”

It goes back to what I’ve said countless times before. The attacking options at the club are fine, be they out wide or up top, and that feeling goes for the attacking midfield part of the squad too. Although Bogusz is predominantly a central midfield player, he’s shown his willingness to get forward, so he’ll be able to work in a more attack-minded role.

As Whelan mentions, given Bielsa’s willingness to play young ones, as was demonstrated with his use of Jack Clarke last season, it’s not impossible to think that he could get a couple of games under his belt this season.

That’s what gets me annoyed when I see Leeds fans worrying about, then clamouring for a new centre forward, there are so many attacking options there that fans don’t need to get concerned about it. If Whelan believes that a young man like Bogusz can get a game, then why not Rafa Mujica, or any of the other players in the Leeds academy?

Just a quick note to end. You’re probably wondering why I think it’s OK for him to dip into the academy for attackers but not for defenders. Well it’s because Bielsa has shown the players he’s willing to give a try this season, even the few youngsters who went to Australia, of which Bogusz was a part of, and there weren’t many young central defenders in that squad. That’s why he should buy some, because he probably doesn’t trust the ones that are already here.

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3 Replies to “Former Leeds man gets it spot on, recruiting from within isn’t a bad thing – Opinion”

  • I thought it would go without saying that Leeds should use players they already have but only if they are up to the task. If we already had the all we needed last season, including cover for injury or loss, we would have been promoted automatically.
    Jack Clarke was introduced last season and quickly sold on maybe this sets a club precident for other youngsters who impress …… including Bogusz. Leeds should not be a feeder for ambitious clubs. Promotion is not how you start but how you finish that’s why stamina and experience wins through.

    • Fred has it sussed out. Orta spent more time last season and during this summer scouting for young talent with the intention of selling on for profit. Promotion should never have been left to play-offs, and a gamble on who is best on the day rather than the full season (promotion was not lost it was thrown away).
      If anyone believes AR and the board have any intention to sell players like Phillips and reinvest the money in first team players then think again. The current side has problems and weakness that are being ignored. Any young talent up to the challenge will be fast tracked to ‘the shop window for sale’ because that is the club policy. Five months of the season are not being wasted this time – it is the entire season.

  • I thought we lost promotion last season as a result of one incident involving Cooper and Cassila. After all, some of our fans insisted that Cooper, once again is a liability, useless and a loose cannon waiting to go off. As for Cassila, according again to some fans he’s not good enough for Championship football , Real Madrid baybe, but not this level. So, we have Forshaw who is diabolical, Jansson now history, Roofe crocked, Ayling crocked BPF throwing a moody. So, let me put my two Kenneth in. We should take the fifteen million for Phillips and get in two decent CBs which we so, so badly need. Kalvin wants to go and he has made that quite clear to me so let’s stop fannying about like we always do and get it sorted. Or are we going to let the rot set in, wait for another pathetic January window when we will have thrown away five months of the season and Athens twatteratis will be having an absolute field day. Get the these youngsters fired up and raring to go.

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