Date: 19th March 2020 at 7:30pm
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Quoted by Football Insider, former Leeds ace Danny Mills has said that he expects players that have contracts running down to stay at their current clubs – even if the season runs past the expiration on the deals.

The current situation that the world, and therefore the game, finds itself in means that certain issues are going to come up that have probably never really been thought about before.

Indeed, if the season resumes at a later stage, there is a chance that it goes past the cut off period for contracts running down and loans where players would have to return to their clubs.

For Mills, though, things need to stay as they are until the season is ended, and clubs will have to agree to that:

“I would expect that all contracts are honoured until the season is finished.

“That would be the most sensible thing in football.

“The argument would be people saying they have already signed a pre-contract – but you cannot go and play for a team when the season has not finished. There will be arguments where people say – what if the player gets injured? But a player could get injured in training tomorrow.”

Think Mills is right?





He’s got a point because it could get messy otherwise.

Imagine, in a situation like Leeds’, where suddenly you lose important players either because of loans coming to an end or pre-contracts with a new club coming into play.

Similarly, sides getting those players in for a season where they wouldn’t have otherwise would not be fair and it seems the only rational step forward to ensure things are effectively frozen.

Whether we see that happen, though, remains to be seen.

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