Date: 15th August 2019 at 12:30pm
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I’m not sure if I agree with this.

A study conducted by the University of Leeds has concluded that watching football is actually good for your health.

The full report can be found here, but I’ll just give you the best bits.

“Ultimately supporting your team at a football match gives you a moderate cardiovascular workout and depending on the result of the match, a psychological boost or slump,” said Dr. Andrea Utley, a professor at the university who conducted helped conduct the tests.

“There is this belief that you are in agony watching the game,” he added “The reality is that it’s not actually true. I think we quite enjoy this, we enjoy being passionate.”

Although quite why they chose to do one of the tests during the Derby County playoff semi-final is a bit of a strange one, couldn’t they have done it during a routine win against Rotherham?

I’m going to put myself in the ‘sceptical’ camp about this one, and so are these Leeds United fans.

Funnily enough, it looked as if the majority pinned their heart attacks on one player in particular, and there are no prizes for working out who that is.

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